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Creative Designer Architects: Transforming NRDC with Innovative Design

The Northern Railway Diagnostic Center, an extension of the prestigious Northern Railway Central Hospital in New Delhi, is a testament to the advancements in Indian healthcare. Created by Creative Designer Architects (CDA), this diagnostic center is a public-private partnership between Sarvodaya Healthcare and NRCH, enhancing NRCH’s diagnostic and radiology capabilities with cutting-edge radiological services.


Covering 3,500 square feet, this stand-alone building is an adaptive reuse project, transforming a rundown NRCH campus ancillary structure that used to be a laundry facility. As part of the endeavor to establish a state-of-the-art imaging center at the Northern Railway Central Hospital, this public-private partnership aims to elevate the standard of public healthcare in India. It will offer accessible and affordable high-quality imaging services to all, including railway beneficiaries, both current and retired employees, as well as other patients.

CDA employs a minimalist, contemporary design for NRDC’s exterior, using a palette of white, grays, and earthy reddish-brown hues inspired by Indian railways. Railway elements are incorporated into the design, such as small rectangular windows and curved features. The exterior showcases a monochrome, grooved gray texture with aluminum paneling, symbolizing the campus’s heritage and reflecting the contemporary spirit.


The interior focuses on patient comfort, with a spacious, transparent entrance lobby featuring warm, healing colors in beige and brown. Smooth, curved forms are based on neuro-aesthetic principles, reducing patient stress and creating a tranquil atmosphere. Durable granite flooring is chosen to withstand high outpatient traffic, ensuring the center’s longevity and efficiency.


NRDC places a strong emphasis on patient comfort in its design. Diagnostic rooms are meticulously planned to minimize exposure to natural light, which is essential for precise diagnoses involving different shades of grey. The center is also environmentally conscious, utilizing solar panels to reduce its carbon footprint and adopting solar passive space planning to optimize natural daylight, minimize heat gain, and enhance energy efficiency. It’s designed to be patient-friendly and ADA-compliant, ensuring accessibility with features like step-free access, wider doors, handrails, grab bars, and braille signage to accommodate a diverse range of patient needs.


The Northern Railway Diagnostic Center showcases the harmonious blend of healthcare progress and innovative design. This facility, a result of public-private collaboration, strives to close healthcare disparities and transform the healthcare journey for both patients and healthcare professionals. By merging contemporary aesthetics, functionality, patient well-being, sustainability, and inclusivity, NRDC establishes a fresh standard for diagnostic centers in India, leading the path to a healthier and brighter future for everyone.


Typology: Healthcare Institutional

Name of Project: Northern railway Diagnostic center, New Delhi,India

Location: New Delhi

Principal Architect: Ravideep Singh, Maninder Kaur, Mohanbir Singh                

Design Team: Ravideep Singh, Maninder Kaur, Mohanbir Singh, Zulfiqar Zaida, Shahrukh Khan

Site Area :  1.5 Acres

Photographer: Andre J. Fanthome

Product Library:

ACP / Glass / Concrete: Aludecor

Sanitary ware / Fittings: Kohler     

Flooring:  Tarkett, Kajaria, RK marbles                                          

Furnishing: Newport                        

Furniture:  Bespoke                                     

Air Conditioning: Daikin    

Lighting: Bespoke, Philips                           

Paint: Asian Paints               

Elevator: Thyssenkrup

Written by Team TDJI

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