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TESU Unveils New Collection of Ethically Crafted Rattan & Bamboo Lampshades

TESU, a premier interior décor brand renowned for its commitment to sustainability, has launched a captivating collection of Rattan & Bamboo Lampshades. These meticulously handcrafted pieces showcase an array of designs, including Onion-shaped, fountain-styled, Abstract-styled, flower-shaped, and more, catering to diverse tastes in home aesthetics.


The allure of rattan and bamboo lampshades lies not only in their eco-friendly characteristics but also in their ability to infuse spaces with warmth, texture, and a touch of nature. The collection, boasting gentle, earthy tones and intricate weaves, establishes a serene connection to the natural world, fostering tranquil atmospheres within modern homes.

One of the key advantages of rattan and bamboo lampshades is their versatility, seamlessly complementing a spectrum of design styles—from bohemian and tropical to minimalist and contemporary. Regardless of whether one is decorating an urban apartment or a coastal cottage, these lampshades offer a timeless and adaptable element to elevate any interior aesthetic.


Beyond their aesthetic appeal, rattan and bamboo lampshades deliver practical benefits. Their lightweight nature facilitates easy handling and positioning, enabling homeowners to experiment with versatile placements throughout their living spaces. Moreover, the durability of these materials ensures longevity, promising enduring style and functionality.

Shweta Mandlekar, co-founder of TESU, underscores the transformative role of rattan and bamboo lampshades in contemporary interior design. These accessories have transcended their utilitarian purpose to become indispensable elements celebrated for their natural aesthetics, versatility, texture, and eco-friendly attributes. As homeowners increasingly seek to cultivate spaces that exude tranquility and a connection to nature, these lampshades emerge as pivotal in shaping both the visual and emotional experience of their homes.


In an era where sustainability takes precedence, rattan and bamboo lampshades shine as eco-friendly alternatives. Rattan’s rapid growth with minimal resource requirements and bamboo’s swift regeneration render them sustainable choices. Opting for lampshades crafted from these materials aligns with environmentally conscious design practices, promoting a greener and more sustainable lifestyle.

With TESU’s latest collection, discerning homeowners have the opportunity to adorn their living spaces with ethically crafted lampshades that not only illuminate but also inspire a deeper appreciation for the beauty of nature and the importance of sustainable design.

Written by Team TDJI

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