2700 Sq Ft Noida Luxury Apartment Blends Tradition, French Style, and Modern Luxury with Scenic Farmland Views

Nishtha Duggal and Rohan Gera from The Concreate Story have masterfully crafted a traditional artistic dwelling that is a sensory delight, blending colors, textures, and meticulously selected linens and decor items.

This enchanting home envelops you in a serene ambiance, enhanced by the gentle and soothing aroma of Jasmine that permeates the air. The design directive was to create an elegant living space that defied conventional interior genres, instead offering an array of diverse atmospheres and boutique-like corners. By seamlessly integrating elements of Indian tradition, French-style wainscoting, and modern luxury, this 2700 sq ft apartment, nestled in a typical luxury housing complex in Noida, commands views of boundless farmland, combining urban comfort with distinctive character.

Immersed in an atmosphere of serenity, the entrance of this residence is graced by a fountain that not only visually captivates but also provides an onomatopoeic ambiance, setting the tone for what lies beyond. As you approach the main door, you are welcomed by elegant black double doors adorned with stained glass.

Upon entering, a cozy boutique-style foyer unfolds, leading you into the formal living area while discreetly concealing the servant quarters. In keeping with the philosophy of engaging the human senses, a substantial water feature graces the corner of the living room, forming a striking and dramatic backdrop. The fountain corner is adorned with meticulously hand-carved PU brackets, and a Moroccan tile ledge invites you to savor a moment, perhaps with a cup of tea while your feet gently dangle in the water.

2700 Sq Ft Noida Luxury Apartment Blends Tradition, French Style, and Modern Luxury with Scenic Farmland Views

Adding to the traditional charm, a long deewan-style low-seating arrangement sits opulently against a backdrop of cladded rock-cut stones. The sofa set and chairs seamlessly blend modern and traditional aesthetics, adorned with carefully selected fabrics to ensure the utmost comfort in this unique abode.

Doubling up as a lounge area, the dining room is the heart of the home. Fabricated in a distressed French style with antique curated chairs, the warm palette of the dining room combines seamlessly with the living room. With Indian motif detailed shutters, the traditional wooden bar in the corner becomes an art piece on its own. The dining extends to the kitchen and study area. A boutique space with a lot of sheers and curtains, the study is designed to taper the monotony faced by the two lawyers by virtue of their profession. The strategically installed coloured glass doors render the alley leading to the bedrooms as light strikes from behind. 

2700 Sq Ft Noida Luxury Apartment Blends Tradition, French Style, and Modern Luxury with Scenic Farmland Views

The master bedroom is a testament to the client’s love for luxurious boutique properties. Owing to the brief for a cozy room with ample storage, the rust wardrobe came off as a bold decision. To balance the impact of colour, a creative archway of curtains is created. Emphasising details, tussar silk roman blinds are used. The PU black bed creates a statement in front of a beige gold wallpaper. Full-length windows overlook the lush greens and the same is framed like an art on canvas. The guest bedroom is rather simple and inviting. French floral wallpaper, bamboo lace and art deco silk fabric blinds, a wicker bed, soft comforting tones and a flushed wardrobe, all combine to bestow calm and comfort to the space. 

2700 Sq Ft Noida Luxury Apartment Blends Tradition, French Style, and Modern Luxury with Scenic Farmland Views

The dining room serves a dual purpose, doubling as a lounge area and holding a central role in this home. It exudes a charming distressed French style, featuring carefully curated antique chairs that contribute to its inviting atmosphere. The dining room’s warm color palette seamlessly harmonizes with the adjacent living room. Notably, the traditional wooden bar nestled in the corner boasts Indian motif-detailed shutters, transforming it into a captivating piece of art in its own right. The dining space extends gracefully into the kitchen and study area, creating a cohesive flow.

Moving to the study, it is designed as a boutique-inspired oasis, rich in sheers and curtains, intended to alleviate the monotony often experienced by the two lawyers who occupy it. Strategically placed colored glass doors infuse the corridor leading to the bedrooms with a play of light from behind, adding a touch of intrigue.

The master bedroom is a true testament to the client’s fondness for luxurious boutique aesthetics. Responding to the client’s desire for a cozy space with ample storage, the bold choice of a rust-colored wardrobe becomes a standout feature. To balance the impact of this vibrant hue, a creative archway of curtains is introduced. Every detail is meticulously considered, including the tussar silk Roman blinds. The statement piece in the room is the PU black bed, positioned in front of a beige gold wallpaper. Full-length windows offer a picturesque view of lush greenery, transforming the view into a living work of art.

2700 Sq Ft Noida Luxury Apartment Blends Tradition, French Style, and Modern Luxury with Scenic Farmland Views

In contrast, the guest bedroom embraces a simpler and more inviting ambiance. Adorned with French floral wallpaper, delicate bamboo lace, and art deco silk fabric blinds, it features a wicker bed and a soothing color palette. A flush-fitted wardrobe completes the space, ensuring an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort for guests.

Fact File:

Project Location: Noida,India

Typology and Square Footage: Private Residence, 2700 sq. ft

Design Firm: The Concreate Story

Principal Designer and Founder:  Ar. Nishtha Duggal and Ar. Rohan Gera

Photography Credit: Avesh Gaur

Product Library:

Upholstery: ADOR, Pure Living, Sabyasachi, Fabindia 

Paints: Asian paints

Air conditioning: Mitsubishi 

Laminates: Greenlam and Advance Laminates

Plywood:  Century

Sanitaryware Fittings: Kohler 

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