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Unveiling the First Light Collection – A Tapestry of Tradition and Innovation

In the heart of Jaipur, India, an illustrious bespoke rug atelier, rooted in a century-old legacy dating back to 1916, stands as a testament to craftsmanship and family dedication. Established within the esteemed premises of SN Kapoor Exports, this atelier has evolved through four generations, aiming to bring the essence of handmade bespoke rugs to Indian homes.

Initiating this journey was Vikram Kapoor, a visionary whose commitment to the craft has remained steadfast. The designs, far from arbitrary, emanate from a deliberate process of exploration and innovation. Kapoor and his team collaborate closely with artisans, cultivating unique knotting techniques that enhance the quality of raw materials, ensuring each rug becomes a cherished heirloom.

The intricate craft of rug-making unfolds through a dedicated workforce of 3,500 craftsmen, a tightly-knit collective that has flourished for over a century. Loyalty echoes through generations, with stories of skills passed down from grandfather to father to grandson.

At the core of the atelier’s mission lies the empowerment of communities. Ethical luxury extends to supporting women in sheep herding and weaving communities, fostering collective development and cultural preservation.

The collaborative effort spans various stages, involving herders, rearers, dyers, and weavers. With over 1200 looms, the atelier stands as a beacon of Jaipur’s centuries-old weaving legacy.

Embodying a fusion of tradition and innovation, the designs reflect constant experimentation with textures, finishes, and materials. The emphasis is on celebrating the handmade, creating a space for craftsmanship in the modern world.

Approaching the dyeing process with a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, the atelier operates a zero-waste, zero-emissions dyeing plant, challenging the narrative of fast-paced consumerism and positioning the rugs as heirlooms for generations.

Introducing the remarkable First Light Collection, Understorey blends abstract modern designs with the finest hand-carded yarn, resulting in a mesmerizing interplay of natural abrash and rich texture. Drawing inspiration from the first light of dawn, this collection presents a warm palette that infuses any space with an inviting radiance.

Meticulously crafted with unwavering attention to detail, each rug in the First Light Collection tells a tale of artistic finesse and groundbreaking innovation. The utilization of hand-carded yarn imparts an authentic touch, evoking a tactile and organic sensation reminiscent of nature’s elegance. The abstract modern designs embody the fusion of tradition and contemporary aesthetics, serving as a true testament to the evolution of design.

Just as the dawn’s first light heralds a sense of rejuvenation and optimism, these rugs imbue your surroundings with renewed vitality and comfort.

Written by Team TDJI

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