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Sarita Handa Unveils Trousseau Collection: Timeless Luxury for a New Beginning

Sarita Handa, the renowned luxury home furnishing brand, introduces its exquisite Trousseau collection, a perfect beginning to a shared life adorned with timeless elegance. This collection features three captivating bedding sets—Balmoral, Florence, and Versailles—each embodying opulence, rich designs, and heritage embroidery that promise to be cherished for years.

At the heart of the Trousseau Collection lies the essence of ultra-luxurious fabrics and masterful craftsmanship. The hallmark of these bedding sets is their rich embroidery and divine softness, created meticulously by skilled craftsmen over days, delivering a sense of simple, yet profound luxury. The 600 thread count sheets are not only sumptuous but also eco-friendly, being 30% finer than Egyptian cotton.

The Balmoral set radiates warmth and abundance through extravagant colors, lustrous metallic yarns, and regal motifs. Crafted with intricate artisanal mastery and rooted in centuries-old traditions, the vintage patterns evoke a sense of history, making it a symbol of timeless elegance.

Sarita Handa Balmoral2

The Florence bedding set is an ode to opulence, seamlessly blending traditional heritage with modern impressionism. The Palmette pattern symbolizes the beginning of a new phase, beautifully balancing the solidity of tradition with the innovation and design of the modern era.

Sarita Handa Florence

Versailles, the third bedding set, marries affluent blooms with a soft pastel palette, creating a visual masterpiece. This French-inspired floral design delicately sits on rich Indian textile, transforming the bed into a garden of dreams. The result is an heirloom that transcends time with high taste and exquisite style.

Sarita Handa Versailles2

Mrs. Sarita Handa, the Founder and Creative Director, expresses, “We have lovingly crafted the Trousseau Collection as an art and luxury-filled blessing for a couple starting their life together. The values we have embroidered into the collection are inspiration and sustainability, setting the right note to start a new life.” This collection not only symbolizes a new beginning but also reflects a commitment to artistry and eco-conscious luxury.

Written by Team TDJI

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