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KVIRAAJ Unveils The Palladio: A Fusion of Neoclassical Grandeur and Modern Luxury in New Delhi

In the fast-paced cityscape of New Delhi, KVIRAAJ, a construction company, is set to redefine luxury living with its latest project, The Palladio. With a commitment to transcending the ordinary and crafting homes that are more than just structures, KVIRAAJ brings a blend of rich architectural history and modernity to this sprawling 12,000 sq ft farmhouse.

The Palladio stands as a testament to KVIRAAJ’s dedication to quality and aspirational living. This farmhouse project promises to be a remarkable architectural triumph, marrying neoclassical grandeur with a contemporary twist. The imposing facade features three majestic Ionic columns, creating a visual spectacle that redefines timeless luxury. The design embraces simplicity in luxury, with a focus on spacious interiors and an abundance of natural light, following vastu principles.

The sprawling farmhouse includes four extravagant bedrooms, palatial lounge areas, and a dedicated gym on the terrace floor. The interiors, envisioned by designer Leena Monga, complement the exterior with rich materiality and ornate details. Large windows seamlessly connect the indoors to the outdoors, infusing the space with serenity.

The ground floor features classic chequered flooring, while an 8-foot custom-made chandelier graces the double-height living area, and gold wall trims add a touch of opulence. The central double-flight staircase is adorned with custom-designed railing details inspired by the art-deco style, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

KVIRAAJ Unveils The Palladio: A Fusion of Neoclassical Grandeur and Modern Luxury in New Delhi

The master bedroom exudes a classic French design with soft curves and intricate mouldings. The son’s bedroom showcases quirky personalized elements on a grey backdrop, while the daughter’s room, filled with natural light, features a four-poster bed and soft furniture. The guest room, crafted in beige and taupe hues, maintains harmony with wall mouldings continuing throughout the house.

The defining character of The Palladio lies in the fusion of neoclassical elements with modernity. Classic attributes like iconic columns and symmetrical forms coexist harmoniously with large windows and innovative materials, creating a retreat that exudes timeless charm. The result is a journey back to an era of grand living, with affluent corners and ornamental detailing at every turn.

As KVIRAAJ expands its footprint into Dubai, The Palladio stands as a symbol of the company’s unwavering commitment to crafting exceptional spaces that transcend the ordinary, setting new standards for luxury living in both New Delhi and beyond.

Fact Sheet:

Project Name: The Palladio 

Location: Vasant Kunj, Delhi,India

Typology: Farmhouse

Square Footage:  12,000 sq ft

Construction: Kviraaj 

Photography: Atul Pratap

Written by Team TDJI

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