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Exquisite Coffee Tables by Aashish V Anand at Living Spaces

The living room is often considered the heart of a home, a place where families and friends gather to relax, converse, and create lasting memories. At the center of this cozy and communal space stands the unsung hero of living room furniture – the coffee table. This unassuming piece of furniture plays a pivotal role in both form and function, enhancing the overall ambiance of the room while providing practicality.

Here are four outstanding coffee table designs by Aashish V Anand, the head of design at Living Spaces:

Cara Coffee Table:

The Cara Coffee Table seamlessly merges classic design elements with modern finishes and vibrant colors. It is meticulously crafted using exquisite Teak wood or Ash wood for its exposed parts and features a sturdy spruce wood frame on the inside. With varying densities of PU foam for comfortable cushioning and precision finishing using melamine or water-based PU polish, this table is a true work of art.

Price: Rs 37,031/=

Dila Coffee Table:

The Dila Coffee Table is designed to exude modern luxury. This remarkable coffee table incorporates machine tooling, metal inserts, and a glass top, making it a striking statement piece that enhances the elegance of any luxury interior. Price: Rs. 49,206/=

Floret Coffee Table:

The Floret Coffee Table is an exquisite piece with intricate geometric inlay and a stylish metal base, perfect for elevating contemporary living rooms.

Price: Rs. 43,829/=

Clade Coffee Table:

Crafted by, Aashish V Anand, the Clade Coffee Table is a stunning piece with exquisite machine-tooled details, metal inserts, and a mirrored top. It transforms into a striking focal point that’s ideal for enhancing luxury interiors. Price: Rs. 46,260/=

Written by Team TDJI

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