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Vastu for toilets: How to make your toilet room vastu compliant

Clean bathrooms and toilets adhering to the principles of Vastu Shastra banish negativity, ensure positivity, overall health and happiness; thereby creating an oasis of calm. If toilets and bathrooms are not built as per rules and guidelines of Vastu they may become a major source of negative energy. By adhering to the rules, you don’t just ensure positive energy within your home but also keep your space hygienic and utilitarian. But even if there is Vastu dosha or negativity, this can be removed to some extent by adding placing a glass cup filled with salt in the area.

In this article, we look at how to make your toilets and bathrooms Vastu-compliant by considering best location, internal arrangement of items, colors and tips which you can easily apply.


Vastu for Toilets

The best direction for bathroom is the North or North-West part of your house (not the North-West corner) as it supports elimination of waste. The next best choice is the North-East part of your house but this does not mean the North-East corner; but totally avoid constructing toilet in the South-West corner. You can fix the dosha of having a toilet in the South-West direction by placing a Vastu pyramid on the outer part of this wall. Also remember to avoid constructing a toilet under a staircase as this space can be used for storage purposes.

Ideally, toilets and bathrooms should never be attached, but most urban homes due to space crunch share the same space.


Vastu for Toilets

It is easy to incorporate Vastu elements right from the point of construction as it is practically difficult to incorporate these changes once the house is ready for possession, completed with the pipelines, commodes, washbasin, showers, bathtubs etc fixed.

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Vastu for Toilets

Placement of washbasin & shower :  The washbasin and bathing or shower area must the East, North and North-East part of the bathroom; but having this in South or South-East or South-West direction may negatively impact on the health of the inhabitants.

Placement of commode:  One must pay special attention to placement of the commode\seat which should preferentially be in the South-East or North-West side as it supports the elimination of waste and toxins from one’s body. The person using it must not face either the East or the West.

Placement of taps and water storage:   Never place taps in the South-West or South-East nor store water in this direction.

Bathroom drainage: Water outlets and drainage must be in the North, East or North-East and the slope of the bathroom should be in the same direction to facilitate drainage from the same direction.

Entrance door & window:  The entrance door must be along the eastern or northern wall. Provide a window along the East, North or West wall in your bathroom. The exhaust fan or bathroom window must face the East or North-East direction to allow in ventilation for fresh air and sunlight. This is important to eliminate bacteria inside the bathroom.

Mirrors:  The best place to hang mirrors is North or the East wall of the bathroom with wash-basin positioned accordingly.

Electrical Fittings:   Place electrical fittings, such as geysers in the South-East side and the washing machine in the South-East and North-West direction.

Bathroom doors: Should be made in wood, and in the North or East direction. Avoid metal doors as it has negative vibration. Do not adorn the bathroom door with any ornate statues of gods and goddesses. These doors must be kept closed at all times, as leaving it open lets negative energy pervade into the home resulting in obstacles in your career and personal relationships.

Wall-sharing :  According to Vastu principles, ensure that bathrooms do not share its walls your bedroom or your kitchen or sanctified places like the pooja room, as this it can have negative repercussions. Even to the extent a bed next to the toilet may cause you to have nightmares.

Vastu colors:  Opt for suitable light colors, such as beige, white and cream. Avoid colors such as black and dark blue or even red.  Even from a cleanliness perspective lighter colors will help you keep the bathroom clean.

Placement of septic tank: Septic tanks should be the West side of the house or the North-West but never on the south side of the toilet.

Vastu non-complaint toilets\bathrooms attracts:

Direction Impact of non –compliance of Vastu principles
NorthMay hamper upcoming opportunities to business growth and wealth
North-east       May cause health problems among family members
EastMay cause health problems affecting the digestive system and liver
South-eastMay cause financial problems or problems with marriage or childbirth
South  May cause legal issues or loss of reputation in business
South-westMay cause relationship, health, or career-related problems
West   May cause property-related problems
North-westMay make it difficult to sell the property or no support from people around
Written by Team TDJI

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