Unidade Industrial Duvalli: An Image of Arrival by 3.14 Arquitectura

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Unidade Industrial Duvalli

A corner of local relevance in Santa Maria da Feirra, enveloped between a structuring roundabout and an avenue, is embedded in a fabric production industrial unit called Unidade Industrial Duvalli by 3.14 Arquitectura. The site is an industrial lot and is valued more due to its positioning.

Unidade Industrial Duvalli

The Unidade Industrial Duvalli is a building design that creates an enlarging effect and forms two fundamental and complementary structures. One structure is the parallelogram that houses the production area with attached smaller areas that run the product support services and employees. The other structure has a smaller volumetric form and is leaning against the other. The leaning structure with a strong architectural expression has two floors and runs the administrative services of the firm.

Unidade Industrial Duvalli

The smaller volume is located at the East/South vertex of the building and faces the roundabout acting as a representative of the brand image. The entrance is marked by the suspended administrative unit guiding the public route of arrival. The entrance further leads to the central atrium which is a high and illuminated space that further bifurcates into different spaces.

Unidade Industrial Duvalli
Unidade Industrial Duvalli

The materiality of the structure guides the positioning of every space in a building plan as per their functioning. The production nave of Unidade Industrial Duvalli is sandwiched between panels due to its temperature and humidity control requirements. It is a neutral and simple unit lined with zinc that acts as a backdrop for the administration area and captivates attention through color and texture.

Unidade Industrial Duvalli
Unidade Industrial Duvalli
Unidade Industrial Duvalli

The interiors are subtle with whites and tones of black. The staircase that provides access to the entire design is a sculpture element positioned in the heart of the administrative sector. The project Unidade Industrial Duvalli creates a modern and solid image that is reflective of introduction and arrival. 

Fact Sheet

Project Name: Unidade Industrial Duvalli

Location: Santa Maria da Feirra

Firm Name: 3.14 arquitectura

Total Area: 7,600 sq m

Image credits: Ivo Tavares Studio

Written by Aastha Trivedi

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