Paul Adams merging Art with Fashion

In an age where goods are machine-made and mass-produced, anything that is handcrafted and exclusive always feels like a breath of fresh air. Handmade is always unique and appreciated by anyone with a discerning taste. Today we are in conversation with Anshuman Singh, Founder, and CEO of Paul Adams bags and accessories, which share his thought and inspiration to bring together local artists from across the country to create bespoke yet sustainable bag pieces that are art inspirational that express their individuality through their style & fashion. 

 Anshuman Singh, Founder, and CEO of Paul Adams bags and accessories
Anshuman Singh, Founder, and CEO of Paul Adams bags and accessories

What inspired you to merge Art with Fashion?  

I have always been a great follower and lover of art and have often bought art from artists to support their livelihoods. During this time, I observed that these immensely talented artists were not getting their due and were grossly underpaid. It was then that I hit upon the idea of merging art with fashion. This was the genesis of Paul Adams where we hire street artists and use their paintings on our bags while compensating them with the price they deserve for their work.  

Paul Adams merging Art with Fashion

Tell us something about your storytellers/artists?

Our artists are the heart, soul, and storytellers of Paul Adams and help us create exceptional works of original art that we present to you. Being an art lover, I celebrate the fact that we have so much local talent to explore and encourage. It is an endeavor to make art an intrinsic part of people’s lives and their wardrobes. I want India’s canvas to move from the walls and travel the world, freely, with you – with the belief that it will add to the story of your life, every day! 

What do you think of Paul Adams bag’s style? 

The style for me knows who I am and what I want to say. According to me, a bag is a perfect accessory to one’s ensemble and reflects a lot about the individual’s personality. Today, men and women want accessories, which are functional, stylish, and versatile. 

Paul Adams merging Art with Fashion

What handbags you suggest for men & women for different occasion 

Here are some quick tips on how you can style your handbags for different occasions. 

For Women, we suggest  

  • Party Looks: Pair your chic slip dress with a stylish stole knotted up in front for a hint of flamboyance. Go in for sophisticated footwear and complete the look with a statement sling bag.
  • Office Look: Opt for a bright-colored shirt with heels while adding a smart, large tote bag to break the monotony.  
  • Special date: Go in for that signature messenger bag with either a well-fitted pair of jeans and top or a dress that reflects your confidence!

For Men, we suggest  

  • Post work gala: Choose a formal shirt coupled with a fitted blazer paired with chinos or denim. Accessorize it with a matching belt and a briefcase for a clean, polished look.
  • Outing with friends: A T-shirt tucked in with jeans or formal pants with a smartwatch is sure to have you sorted. A stylish belt and a trendy yet spacious wallet are perfect to complete the look.
  • Travel style:A pastel linen shirt paired with shorts is cool and comfortable. Pair it with a matching bag for all your essentials.   

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