Nirmals Launches Rare Blend Collection ‘Facette’ of Velvet Jacquard and Boucle

Nirmals, the renowned home decor brand, has recently launched a remarkable new collection called Facette. The collection is an extraordinary combination of high-quality velvet jacquard and boucle, which is a rare blend not easily found in the global market, especially in India.

Nirmals Launches Rare Blend Collection 'Facette'

Facette is a luxurious collection that showcases the best of both worlds by encapsulating the lushness of velvet, the complex weaves of jacquard, and the texture of boucle. This unique combination of fabrics invites you to experience its exclusive tactile feel, making it an opulent addition to any home decor.

Nirmals Launches Rare Blend Collection 'Facette'

The collection comprises a range of multi-colored fabrics that enhance their richness, with designs varying from stripes to ikat to intricate patterns. The fabrics’ luxurious textures make them perfect for upholstery, paneling, and cushions. With this launch, Nirmals has once again proven its commitment to providing premium quality home decor products to its customers.

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