New Opulent Modular Kitchen Design by Dash Square and Scavolini

Dash Square, a leading provider of luxury home decor and furnishings, has teamed up with Scavolini, the renowned Italian kitchen designer, to bring a new modular design concept to the market. The custom-fit kitchen has been inspired by classic designs and features opulent detailing and intricate carvings that add an elegant touch to any home.

Scavolini available at Dash Square

The Scavolini modular kitchen collection offers a wide range of cabinetry options to suit any style and preference. From sleek built-in designs with leather door panels to options with gold or chrome metal accents like capitals and friezes for plinths, the collection provides an array of choices for homeowners.

The collection stands out for its use of top-notch materials such as leather and metal. These materials not only bring a sense of refinement to the cabinetry but also guarantee sturdiness and practicality.

The collection’s integrated hood is particularly noteworthy, featuring beveled mirror panels with a stop-sol finish. This distinctive and chic feature elevates the kitchen’s design while fulfilling its intended purpose

Scavolini available at Dash Square

With a variety of cabinet options and distinctive characteristics, this collection empowers homeowners to fashion a truly bespoke and deluxe space in their homes.

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