Merino MR+ Tuff Gloss – The toughest laminate range in the world.

Merino, India’s leading manufacturer of high-pressure decorative laminates, is excited to introduce the toughest laminate range, MR+ Tuff Gloss. The name itself reflects the properties of this beautiful, strong product range that adds a layer of lustre and sheen to the interiors. This spectacular range of super-gloss laminates offers a high level of resistance to scuffing, marring (micro scratches) and abrasions, maintaining four times longer shine than any other laminate.

Merino MR+ Tuff Gloss - The toughest laminate range in the world

MR+ laminates are a great way to add a touch of luxury to any surface, whether it’s kitchen cabinets, wall panels, or even furniture like desks and coffee tables. Tuff Gloss MR+ laminates are made with a special technology that makes them resistant to scuffing and marring, so you can rest assured that your surfaces will stay looking like new for years to come.

For a strong, aesthetic look, a layer of selected Kraft paper is treated with a special grade of Phenolic Resin, followed by a decorative layer of Melamine Resin. Then, a special abrasive layer of aluminum oxide particles is added to further protect the laminate from scuffs and marring, giving it 3-4 times better resistance power than regular laminates.

Tuff Gloss MR+ comes in over 65 variations of Solids, Woodgrains, Marble and Stone textures. The patterns resemble stones, marbles, oxide metal and abstract woodgrain. The woodgrain SKUs display horizontal lines, vertical lines, prominent wood structure, and minimal wood structures. There is a wide variety of color options available in solids like blue, yellow, brown, red, black, grey, white, pastel green, pink, green, orange, pastel beige and pastel blue. Merino also provides all UNI+ properties in MR+ that helps to provide edgeless color finishing in high mar resistance stuffs.

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