Liberland To Be Built In Metaverse By Zaha Hadid Architects

Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) has announced plans to create The Liberland Metaverse, a libertarian micro-nation in the metaverse where citizens can purchase land and inhabit it as avatars. 

The new community will feature hyper-realistic districts that encourage urban self-governance, and zones where the absence of urban planning allows for a spontaneous order via a free-wheeling discovery process. Residents can buy empty plots at the center of a curated urban core, and access them through their avatar. 

metaverse 2

ZHA wanted to ensure that the rise of the metaverse will be overseen by architects and not graphic designers. The architectural paradigm that best complements the ideas of a “multi-author” urban field is parametricism, which is why the team predicts that the development of the metaverse will not only boost parametricism, but will also enrich physical architecture, since organizations and clients will have both real and virtual structures, and as long as there are physical bodies, physical environments will still be needed.

metaverse 3

However, the benefits of creating virtual environments are their global accessibility and their adaptive malleability. These qualities have inspired the Liberland project and provided it with a unique contemporary urban planning and design that is as realistic as possible.

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