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Sticking to the path of creating innovative and functional furniture pieces for the past 10 years, Anupriya Sahu is back with another elite set-up of furniture for a residence in Surat designed by EssTeam Design Services LLP. Alankaram is a furniture design firm co-founded by Anupriya Sahu and it works towards creating bespoke furniture that blends well with the design quotient of a space. Niraant is a residential project in Surat city of Gujarat with green Kota flooring and Jaisalmer-clad walls which perfectly harmonize with the teak-wood furniture range.


The armchairs used for dining called Ikkita are the best-selling piece of Alankaram. It perfectly compliments Krug – the dining table, Italian stone tabletop with a contemporary teak wood base which is customizable according to preferred shape and size. The two-part upholstered design of the chair can be changed according to the interior requirements. The dining room also houses a three-seater Nisadya Sofa with a Tripadi, three-legged table. The multicolored soft foam sofa with a dark-walnut finish is designed to match the interiors and the side table provides handy cable management with a top flip box.


The study area or the working area is equipped with the Tuettu range of chairs which provides comfortable support to your back when sitting for long hours. Tuettu means supported in Finnish and it is designed for long sitting purposes with a stylish modern teakwood finish to compliment any space.


Marami which means multiple in Maori is another design of table by Alankaram with intricately carved three legs that draws attention when included in any space. It is available in teak wood with a fine natural teak shade gracing your space and it can be easily customized.


The bedroom has neutral tones of grays and whites and the Iyi lounge chair with a warm natural teak finish is aptly complementing the space. The Turek footstool by Alankaram’s built-in solid teak is accompanied by the chair and upholstery can be customized as per need. The bedroom also features a stone round top table called the Rabi which means half in Hausa. The table has two different types of stone patterns and grains.


And, the coziest and most comfortable space where maximum time is spent – the living rooms have the luxe Mysig range of sofa that is comfortable and stylish. It has round corners and attached storage drawers on the sides. The lounge chairs called Aavaha meaning inviting in Sanskrit genuinely attracts you to sit. The multicolored fabric on the outside with red plain fabric on the inside is aesthetically pleasing. 

The Alankaram furniture is traditional in its origin yet modern in its design with sleek and functional aesthetics. The warmth of teak wood and soft furnishing makes it a perfect fit for any space.

Firm :  EssTeam Design Services LLP

Image Credits: Ishi Sitwala

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