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CHOOO.SPACE Unveils Bespoke Furniture Collection: A Triumph of Russian Fantasticism

In a world dominated by convenience and affordability, the bespoke furniture collection CHOOO.SPACE, designed by Vladimir Chuvashev, stands out as a testament to the enduring value of unique and stylish interior pieces. Emerging from the creative hub of Vladimir Chuvashev’s architectural bureau, CHOOO ARCHITECTS, the Russian brand is making waves in the realm of interior design with a collection that transcends the ordinary.

With over two decades of experience in crafting elite private properties, Chuvashev and his team have perfected the art of creating bespoke interior pieces that are as distinctive as the spaces they adorn. In 2022, they unveiled a collection that transcends specific projects, offering pieces that transform any interior with touches that elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary.

These pieces from CHOOO.SPACE go beyond mere functional design; they are the materialization of sensations, meaningful adornments that breathe life and purpose into any space. The philosophy of the brand is a departure from non-functional applied design, aiming to challenge stereotypes about Russian design and reintroduce Russian manufacturers to the collectible design market.

Vladimir Chuvashev describes his style as “Russian Fantasticism” and “Petersburg Surrealism,” drawing inspiration from the origins of modern design rooted in Soviet Suprematism. Influenced by designers like Vincenzo De Cotiis, Maarten Baas, and Wendell Castle, Chuvashev transforms interior items into sculptural works of art.

The debut collection consists of five pieces, each embodying not just a function, but profound meaning and humor expressed through form, texture, and details. Crafted by artisan craftsmen working with materials such as brass, stone, and glass, these pieces are a testament to the exquisite craftsmanship of Russian artisans.

“Source” is a desk designed to embody inspiration and creativity, keeping its working surface free from unnecessary items with water lilies conveniently holding belongings. “Anticipation” is a floor lamp personifying animated material, fitting seamlessly into any interior with unique textures and a glass top creating a sense of water smoothness.

“Breath” is a console symbolizing what modern society “breathes,” displaying golden water lilies and an air bubble of worldly concepts. “Gravity” is a bookshelf made entirely of brass, exuding individuality and creating a sense of weightlessness. Finally, “Touch” is a coffee table symbolizing life and experience, capturing the essence of human interaction with the external and internal world.

Beyond the unique design, the craftsmanship of Russian artisans, including blacksmiths, glassblowers, and stone artists, plays a crucial role in the creation of this furniture. Each stage of production is personally overseen by the brand’s founder, ensuring high-quality furniture from material selection to packaging and delivery.

The Russian Fantasticism embodied in each piece opens new horizons in design and architecture, demonstrating that Russia has its own collectible design capable of competing with the best examples of global art. CHOOO.SPACE has successfully brought forth a collection that not only challenges perceptions of Russian design but also establishes itself as a force in the world of bespoke furniture.

Written by Team TDJI

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