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Canadian Wood villas at BTR greens, Hyderabad

Canadian Wood promoting building with sustainably sourced B.C. wood has collaborated with MAK Projects, a leading Constructions and Property Development Company based in Hyderabad for their upcoming project BTR Greens launching on October 8, 2021. The project comprises 300 premium villas in a world-class gated and guarded community. 

MAK-Canadian Wood Villa

The Canadian Wood state-of-the-art villa is built in WFC (Wood Frame construction) style with Canadian Spruce-pine-fir, which due to its high-dimensional strength and stability makes it the perfect choice for structural applications. The technique used by Canadian Wood optimizes the building process by helping reduce the time and cost involved in the construction process

Mr. Pranesh Chhibber
Mr. Pranesh Chhibber, Country Director of Canadian Wood

Mr. Pranesh Chhibber, Country Director of Canadian Wood said, “Growing awareness of the relationship between human health, the environment and the economy has led to a rise in the concept of sustainable wood homes in India. The real estate industry in India though highly accomplished in building with concrete, highly wanted the knowledge and local skills required building houses with Wood. That is when we at FII India decided to embark on identifying potential builders and contractors for sharing knowledge with and imparting training through seminars, training workshops and wood colleges besides, and sharing best practices to help develop local expertise. Additionally, we began supporting the developers by arranging the required architectural and structural engineering expertise from Canada to build with Wood. The collaboration with MAK Projects is one such example of our efforts.”

Dr Nawab Mir Nasir Ali Khan
Dr. Nawab Mir Nasir Ali Khan, Promoter & Managing Director, MAK Projects Pvt. Ltd.

Commenting on the collaboration, H.E. Dr. Nawab Mir Nasir Ali Khan, Promoter & Managing Director, MAK Projects Pvt. Ltd., said; “Wood is a sustainable, renewable and natural building material. Even today, Wood is amongst the few natural elements that can simultaneously achieve reduced carbon emissions, bring about increased sustainability in a building’s life cycle and offer improved occupant well-being. As compared to concrete and steel, it offers high strength-to-weight ratio and excellent design flexibility. It is known to be a very good insulator of heat and cold and is 15 times better concrete and 400 times better than steel. The Canadian Wood Villa is a significant step by MAK Projects towards demonstrating these intrinsic advantages of building with Wood besides our commitment to sustainability. This landmark collaboration between Canadian Wood and MAK Projects is aimed at promoting sustainable wood housing in India as it offers multiple benefits over concrete and steel based infrastructure. We hope this becomes an example for others to follow.” 

Written by Team TDJI

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