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Beyond Designs Transforms 22,000 sqft Jaipur Holiday Home into Serene Artful Haven

Located on a sprawling six-acre plot in Jaipur, a vacation retreat has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis, evolving into a tranquil sanctuary of art, opulence, and unparalleled luxury under the imaginative guidance of designers Sachin and Neha from Beyond Designs. This piece explores the captivating fusion of classical architecture and modern interiors, crafting a timeless harmony that effortlessly integrates elements of both tradition and contemporary style.

The Main Residence:

The main residence, spanning two stories, boasts seven en suite bedrooms and a powder room. Beyond Designs introduces a signature maximalist style, reimagined with a clean, neutral backdrop that sets the stage for captivating drama in the foreground. The designers skillfully blend diverse materials, textures, and finishes, from a spectrum of wood tones to sparkling crystal and gleaming brass, creating a rich composition that effortlessly guides the eye from one intriguing feature to another.

In-House Craftsmanship:

Furniture, lights, wall panels, and mirrors, all crafted in-house by Beyond Designs, contribute to the unique vision of the designers for this expansive holiday home. Earthy notes mingle with opulent accents, forming a harmonious symphony that defines the luxurious aesthetic of the space.

Artful Curation:

A major highlight of the holiday home is the carefully curated collection of artworks. Ranging from scaled-up, statement-making mythological pieces to charming contemporary creations and monochromatic works, the art adds depth and character to the interiors. Original canvases, sourced from around the world, introduce diverse moods, from elegant to playful to quirky, creating a visual tapestry that tells a story.

Double-Heighted Living Room:

The double-heighted living room serves as the airy heart of the home, adorned with a white palette that provides a canvas for a vibrant selection of artworks, furniture, and soft furnishings. Crystal and brass lights grace the dining space, adding a touch of luxury akin to a jewel. Raw wooden paneling acts as a subdued backdrop, allowing the carefully curated elements to take center stage.


True to Beyond Designs’ style, the bar stands out as the pièce de résistance, where style and glamour reach new heights. This space becomes a focal point for showcasing the designers’ innovative approach and attention to detail.

Contemporary Bedrooms and Eclectic Exteriors:

 The bedrooms embrace a more contemporary aesthetic, featuring peppy modern artworks with classical touches. The exteriors showcase an eclectic fusion of materials and styles, combining wooden pillars and sloped roofs reminiscent of southern architecture with native pink stone pillars that anchor the design in the regional context. Large stone sculptures scattered across the landscape tie the entire design scheme together, infusing the surroundings with character and charm.

Beyond Designs has masterfully transformed this Jaipur holiday home into a work of art, seamlessly blending traditional and contemporary elements to create a luxurious retreat. The fusion of diverse materials, the in-house craftsmanship, and the curated art collection contribute to an immersive experience that reflects the designers’ unique vision. This holiday home stands as a testament to Beyond Designs’ ability to elevate spaces into realms of artful opulence.

Fact Sheet

Location: Jaipur 

Size: 22,000 sq ft

Design Firm Name: Beyond Design

Architect Name: Lt. Pradeep Sachdeva

Photo Credit: Beyond Design

Written by Team TDJI

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