Best Direction for work from home

During the pandemic many professionals found out that working from home has helped to increase their productivity as well as balance their two phases of life. Lesser time to commute has increased the duration of time to work efficiently. With the advancement of technology, this new trend has also brought a revolution in decor trends. One could find a corner in any space of the, but have you ever imagined it to be vastu compliant? Since vastu have helped the advancement of our space let us guide you for the directions you could set up your workstation. 

  1. The southeast  corner is one of the best places to keep a computer, light or anything that radiates light.
  2. Face towards east or north while working as these are known as power directions to illuminate your work.
  3. Avoid working at the centre of the house, Brahmasthan brings too much pressure in personal as well as professional life.
Best Direction for work from home
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  1. Do not share a wall with the toilet on one side as it is not auspicious as per Vastu. 
Best Direction for work from home
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  1. A home office designed below the staircase makes it difficult to concentrate as the flow of energy is highly inappropriate on such locations.
Best Direction for work from home
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  1. The north area of your home office is the most powerful corner for your career or business.
  2. The home office in the northeast zone can bring a pressure of responsibilities. 
  3. For best results try to keep a water object in the northeast corner.

Here are some FAQs regarding the work from home directions

Q. Which direction should you face while working from home?

  1. east or north directions are considered best while working

Q. Best Direction/corner for work desk at office?

  1. North Direction is considered as most powerful

Q. Which direction is good for office work

  1.  facing the north, east or north-east direction is suggested best while  working from the office. However,  this doesn’t applies while working from home

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