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10 lighting designers whose designs will stun you in a hard way!

Lighting designs have emerged alot since the advent of the 21st century with regards to changing moods or fashion, it can recreate the space with the simple effect of lighting. Since then many lightning designers across the globe have come to steal the show with their unusual sense of aesthetic. Here is a guide to follow some top notch designers across the globe, whose designs will simply blow up your mind. Let’s have a look at some top designers and their respective designs

  1.  Tom Dixon 

Tom Dixon, is a self-taught British designer. He is best known as the Creative Director of the eponymous brand ‘Tom Dixon’, which specializes in the design of lighting, furniture and accessories. His works have been acquired by museums across the globe, including London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, the Museum of Modern Art New York and Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France

10 lighting designers whose designs will stun you in a hard way!
Image Credits : Tom Dixon

Melt is a beautifully distorted pendant light in a modern finish. Emitting an attractive, mildly hallucinogenic light, this Tom Dixon ceiling light creates a mesmerizing melting hot-blown glass effect when on and a mirror-finish effect when off. Made in Germany using a high tech manufacturing technique to achieve the perfect melted orb.

2. Paul Cocksedge

The British creative designer  Paul Cocksedge is known for his original concepts and juggles between materials and ideas. The example of a hand spun metallic hemisphere gives the illusion of surpassing light that brings a continuity in its visuals. 


10 lighting designers whose designs will stun you in a hard way!
Image Credits :Paul Cocksedge 

British designer Paul Cocksedge designed a new flexible chandelier for Moooi called the Gravity Chandelier Each light is suspended from the ceiling independently so that the chandelier’s form is shaped by the gravitational pull on the cables.”You have these really thin delicate lines that are flexible, that curve upwards to crystal components that enclose an LED light and then a really thin wire that goes up to the ceiling, enabling gravity to shape the black lines of the chandelier,” Cocksedge explained in the video.Attached to a central ceiling rose, the flexible arms of the chandelier are embedded with electrical wiring and weighted to give the light a shape that references a traditional chandelier.The lights can be suspended at different heights, allowing the user to configure the precise form of the chandelier according to their personal preference.

3. Josep Lluís Xuclà for Vibia

Based in Barcelona, Josep Lluís Xuclà is the founder of his namesake design studio, known for interior design as well as lighting and furniture design. Xuclà’s work has earned international recognition over the years, including the RED DOT, IF, and Good Design awards.


10 lighting designers whose designs will stun you in a hard way!
Image Credits : Vibia

collaborated with Vibia on multiple lighting collections,Josep Lluís Xuclà among them Empty, Set, Break, and Palo Alto. All are distinguished by their pure, minimalist profiles and geometric rigour. 

4. Petra Krausova and Lobor Sostak for Lasvit

Making the unbelievable and taking it to a different level shows the ecstasy of the Czech Designers at Lasvit.

10 lighting designers whose designs will stun you in a hard way!
Image Credits : Lasvit.

“Intergalactic”Their all new and dynamic intergalactic lightning sculpture that has been made of 1500 hand blown crystal and semi-precious stone, Moldavite has some amazing visuals to share! Lit independently through LED lights, it has seven effects that can be controlled remotely.  The installation is made out of hand blown glass elements using special uranium glass for its bright green colour. The inspiration comes from a mineral called space glass.

5. Michael Anastassiades

Michael Anastassiades, a London-based designer who is a Cypriot-born, over the years his practice includes product, experimental works and spatial interventions. Preferring to oscillate between different niches of creativity, Anastassiades’ practice contemplates both industrial production and artisan techniques. This British creative has always strived to achieve timelessness and individuality in his work. 

Exploring culture and aesthetics through products and art. The Mobile Chandeliers constructed with mouth blown opaline spheres and a pendant rode made of black patinated brass.

6. Nendo for Foscarini

Nendo, a brilliant designer collaborated with power packed lightning designer brand Foscarini which is made of lacquered aluminium diffuser available in white or grey. Through projects that belong to various worlds – from architecture, to furnishings, to industrial design and graphic art the studio has obtained major credits and international accolades in just a few years. For Foscarini, Nendo designed the Maki lamp, an object that astounds due to its profound simplicity.

Maki Lamp

Image Credit: Nendo

A pendant lamp made simply by rolling up two steel sheets from the same form. Soft light spilling out from the cracks between the two sheets complements the stronger light emitting from the open mouth, as though light itself has been rolled.’Maki’ is the Japanese word for something that has been rolled.

7. David Groppi

 It started in a small laboratory in the historical centre of the Italian town of Piacenza during the late 1980’s and where Davide Groppi was inventing and producing his first lamp. Out of simplicity, he decided to use his own name for the name of the company.

Novelty 2022

10 lighting designers whose designs will stun you in a hard way!
Image Credit: Davide Groppi

“One More Light” was showcased on the occasion of Milano Design Week 2022 at Spazio Esperienze Milano, is a presentation of their most essential and surprising works, with some novelties and some unexpected products.

imagined creating an antenna of light, an object that could capture all the good vibrations that surround us and turn them into visible waves. A performing, adjustable and extremely comfortable light.

8. Nikhil Paul

After searching for tons of options for his new space product designer Nikhil Paul thought of trying his hands on lightning design. Known for minimal and mid century design that are suited well in contemporary decor, Nikhil’s pieces draw from a luxe material palette that includes age brass, copper, stone, leather and mouth blown glass

Tango Lightning 

10 lighting designers whose designs will stun you in a hard way!
Image Credit: Nikhil Paul

Each piece from his debut collection Tango was put together by hand with painstaking attention to detail and finesse. Nikhil’s penchant for minimalism and geometry shines through this range of illuminators that sports low hung lights in brass and glass, along with an innovative candle stand called Satellite. The lights come in two versions – buff brass and etched glass – with articulating elbows and adjustable arms that are completely customizable so they can be arranged in a cluster to form bespoke chandeliers. The candle holder with a metal sphere is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

9. Graypants

Based in Amsterdam, Graypants is a team of responsible designers that uses sustainability as the key motto to their brand. Enthusiastic like the team, the brand has introduced a different array of lightning that strikes elegance. 


10 lighting designers whose designs will stun you in a hard way!
Image Credit: Graypants

The pioneers of laminated cardboard pendants and uniquely handcrafted architectural lighting have something new up their sleeves. In their first outside collaboration, Graypants’ teamed up with Dutch designer VanJoost to expand on their curiosities and explorations into the world of lighting. The collaboration with VanJoost highlights Graypants unique fascination with nature and material research. By combining these two principals, they were able to create a truly unique aesthetic to enhance the world of lighting.

10. Adolini + Simonini Associati for Martinelli Luce

Niccolò Adolini and Daniel Simonini met at Rodolfo Dordoni Studio in 2011.  In 2012 the young designers started their own studio in Milan, ADOLINI+SIMONINI ASSOCIATI, Along with the collaboration with several companies in the outdoor, furniture, lighting and bathroom industries,  the studio works in Milan, as well as In Sao Paulo. They keep challenging  themselves with different projects that involve companies and cultures of both countries.

824 Hoop

10 lighting designers whose designs will stun you in a hard way!

Table lamp with direct / diffused light. Moulded resin structure in the colour black and white. White opal methacrylate diffuser. LED light source integrated. Electronic driver on the plug. Touch the ON-OFF button on the reflector.

Written by Drashti Patel

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