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Tejashree Sagvekar Studio Pottery – Ceramic Expert

Tejashree Sagvekar | Tejashree Sagvekar Studio Pottery | @tejashreesagvekarpottery | 9 years in industry | National Junior Scholarship & Fellowship in the field of Ceramics

????Product Inspiration

Tejashree chose pottery as a vehicle for self-expression as an artist because She saw the tremendous beauty that came from the experience of creating and sharing a lovingly prepared meal. Over time, She came to understand just how ripe with possibility this connection between pottery and food could be

Tejashree Sagvekar Studio Pottery
Tejashree Sagvekar Studio Pottery

????Product Exclusivity

From utilitarian tableware to complex presentation vessels, all of the forms Tejashree makes have one common thread: to encourage a reconnection with each other and with the food we eat. The vessels are made out of pinching techniques , where no tools are used and they are made entirely by hands and fingers. These pieces remind me the humble touch if human beings and their connection to the maker and its user. Material to do used in making the products – Stoneware and Porcelain

????Most Appreciated Product

Shallow bowls and vases.

????Products in Projects

My products are used in daily life and special moments. The choice I made to live her life as a potter has helped her to recognize that, although our individual food choices may seem insignificant, our daily interactions with food add up to a wider and a more complex interaction with our local and national food systems. Tejashree absolutely love that the complexities of art and food can exist on the same plane.

????Key to Success

Do what makes you and others happy

????Burning Desire

Tejashre’s desire to always use the physically combined beauty of handmade pottery and local food as an interactive tool; one capable of providing joy and value in our daily lives

Written by Team TDJI

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