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Perfect small spaces with wall mounted beds

Is your tiny apartment or micro-condo getting you down? We feel for you and have rounded up ideas to pack plenty of style into your limited space with space-saving wall beds or transforming furniture which create different multi-functional zones in very stylish and flexible fashion.

Wall beds also called Murphy beds are a great solution. When looking for a space-saving place to sleep, we thought a sofa bed was the only option. Murphy beds are also available in India offering your room apt space to breathe, solutions to minimize all your cleaning and space troubles. The limited space can be used as a home office, as a quiet reading room or library or as an extra social space for guests as these wall beds give you the opportunity to create a dual-purpose décor for any room, while letting you save space without compromising on comfort. These areas can be used as a living space during the day and a bedroom during the night.

Now, effortlessly convert your small space into a relaxing oasis at night and an inviting home office or living area for the rest of the day. With very little effort and in only a few seconds, pull the wall-bed down out of the wall when you or your guests are ready to retire for the night. Let me tell you that a space-saving wall bed is as comfortable as a conventional bed. In the morning, the bed easily folds up to disappear into the wall freeing up a significant portion of floor space and creating a much more spacious room. There’s more than one way to hide a wall- bed. For example, a room can have huge doors and behind one of them there’s a bed waiting to be needed. Open the door, fold down the bed and you’ll have a cozy and intimate sleeping area.

Wall beds create a multi-purpose space in your home, as almost any room in your home will see its versatility greatly improved by becoming a multi-purpose guest room with a space-saving wall bed. In particular, your home office can easily be transformed into a cozy bedroom for houseguests.


These wall beds can be customized to fit your needs and tastes, with a pull-out nightstand or they can become a part of a larger custom cabinetry unit with various wood finishes or even a open and closed storage options with shelving to incorporate storage for pillows and blankets into the headboard. You can even add built-in lighting for accent or reading purposes. Ultimately during the day these beds fold up into a beautifully crafted custom cabinet unit which remains functional when the bed isn’t needed. Even better, these wall-beds can unfold on top of a sofa which is then revealed and can be used during the day, so you have two pieces of furniture stacked one on top of the other. The living room becomes a bedroom in a few seconds and you don’t have to reorganize the space at all.

Transform your home office with thisvery interesting pairing of furniture pieces.  The first thing you notice about this room is cabinetry and you think what an organized person this must be. The cabinet is not just for storage as the middle portion fold down and a bed opens up create reveal a lovely sleeping nook and occupies most of the floor space. The base becomes a bookshelf and when folded the bed seamlessly disappears leaving no trace behind.

Another plus is these wall beds can be disassembled for whenever you decide to move to your new residence, where we can reassemble it.  If you are interested there are companies offering this product in India including Godrej, Furnable, Flybed, and others and we have even online furniture websites like Pepperfry and Amazon offering the Murphy beds. These are priced from Rs 30,000 to Rs 90,000.

Written by Team TDJI

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