Mystique Residence by ASRO Arcade

Ar. Robin R. Sisodiya of ASRO Arcade designed a house that aims to find equilibrium between luxury & earthiness called it a ‘Mystique residence’. The extraordinary residence follows a unique concept of modern classicism that fulfills the client’s need of having visually stunning along with its own identity. 

ASRO Arcade

The design team used stone & pop-molding with rose glass, which is aesthetically pleasing. The building has an artistic finish, a custom perforated matrix is used with various color options. The natural stone is used for cladding from the first to top floor & on the right-hand side, dark conceptual elements were used to contrast the environment. The use of MS c-section for the main gate coupled with concrete finish HPL can also be seen. 

ASRO Arcade

The entrance has funky stone sculptures on the staircase, which gives an impressive look. Lord Ganesha murti has been placed in the foyer with a gorgeous mirrored background on a high table in W shape that welcomes the visitors with positivity and good energy.  

The first living room located on the ground floor has a neutral color palette with a focus put on browns, blacks, and creams. A leather sofa with decorated throw pillows of multiple sizes makes it a bespoke area for kicking back & relaxing. Wooden planks consist of the ceiling and a modern, pop-art style chandelier adorns the ceiling along with cove lighting to illuminate the room. 

Concrete and marble wall paneling, in addition to a tropical-inspired rug with the color palette of the room, enhances the aura of the area. Decor in the form of golden vases, candle holders, and a tiny new-age globe can be seen on various surfaces of the room like in niches of the coffee table. The finishing touch for the room seems to be the floor-to-ceiling glass doors that lead to a balcony outside. 

The first floor comprises the second drawing-room, the bedroom, the study, and the kitchen. The drawing room is fit for royalty as aristocratic colors like emerald green, and navy blue, which have been extensively used. Candles in glass holders or a deer printed on a white ceramic background accompanying the candles make for a gorgeously scented room. Abstract zebra-patterned rugs, prints on the wall, tie the room together with warm wall lighting fixtures.

ASRO Arcade

Crossing over to the bedroom, a subtle color palette of greys has been used with wooden accents given to the entire room. A mounted TV across the bed makes the room extremely comfortable with cove lighting and marble floors that give the feel of opulence. 

The bathroom consists of marble and cutting-edge amenities. The study room is minimal yet highly utilitarian. Marble flooring and glass partitions give the feel of being simple but having all the things a person needs while working or studying there. 

The kitchen is sleek and stylish. Marble cabinets, glass display cases, and white drawers give the kitchen user plenty of storage space. Latest appliances like the refrigerator and microwave ovens have been installed to ensure ease of use. The dining area accompanies the kitchen, which has a marble dining table, with the skylight chandelier directly on the dining table.  

ASRO Arcade

The second and final floor consists of bedrooms. The first bedroom talked about has brown as the dominant color – with marble walls and a wooden floor along with side tables and table lamps make the room look very chic. A pop of color in slight yellow and light grey can be seen in the rug. The crowning glory of the room is the bed, with a tufted headboard and a footboard to make the room look bigger than it already is. Touches of color in navy blue are present in terms of the bedspread and the pillows. 

ASRO Arcade

The other room on the second floor has a pre-French revolution vintage vibe to it that makes it look mind-blowing. A color palette of creams and sandy browns are present in the room, with a mounted TV opposite the bed, and an ornate table in front of the bed to give it another dimension to the room. Lastly, a sleigh-shaped bed frame adds that extra oomph to the bedroom. 

Fact Sheet: 

Project Name: Mystique Residence

Architect Name: Ar. Robin R. Sisodiya, 

Design Team: Ar. Girish Jangid , Amit Gautam, Dilbag Singh

Location: DLF-1, Gurgaon

Area: 7000 Sq. ft.

Photo courtesy: Swasti Jain 

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