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Commercial office

Meera Fibretek Private Limited is a manufacturer and exporter of various FRP products that established its commercial office and factory in 2005 near RTC Crossroads, Hyderabad. The office space was an adjacent house converted into an office that was inappropriate for efficient working and this led to the development of a new commercial office space for the company.

Commercial office

The design acquires the southern half of the site including the existing office space, a portion of the factory, and the open parking area sitting next to the commercial office space. The conceptualization of design involved the thought of incorporating FRP products manufactured by the company as core elements that will catalyze the brand growth and showcase different formats of using FRP while designing a space.

The use of air conditioners is avoided for cooling rather passive cooling strategies are put to use. Double-height spaces are designed with ventilated roofing systems, skylights facing north are incorporated, cooling towers are used, big windows are designed for ample cross-ventilation, and to prevent heating of building parts exposed to sunlight artificial skin walls with creepers and vegetation are used. 

Commercial office
Commercial office

The commercial office space is conceived in a linear form aligning along the east-west axis. The entry, reception area, and lobby are oriented centrally along the southern site boundary and segregate the offices, the factory, and the guest suites. The north-facing skylights in the roof are fabricated with steel and sandwich panels, which illuminate the double-height workstations, meeting rooms, and cabins planned to the west of the reception area. The cabins of MD, Directors, and CEO are planned in the Western corner and are enclosed within FRP sections adorned with vegetation.

Commercial office

A customized metal and wood design frame are incorporated in the design to separate the central passageway from the workstations. It not only acts as a partition but also provides storage spaces, works as planter boxes, acts as an aesthetically pleasing visual element, and forms the parapet wall for the upper floor. A semi-shaded outdoor space with vegetation and seating areas is designed as a cafeteria and dining space in the northern part of the site. The north wall of the cafeteria is the existing tall wall of the Meera Fibretek factory which is treated with vegetation and creepers to create a visual barrier and relief.

Commercial office
Commercial office

The conference room of this commercial office is planned on the upper floor above the reception area. The circular form of the conference room breaks linear monotony and induces dynamism in the design. The first floor also houses two guest suites with secluded entry from the lobby ensuring privacy. The locally available material choice of brick, granite and exposed concrete is a conscious effort made to differentiate the structure from the urban fabric. 

Fact Sheet

Project Name: Meera Fibretek Commercial Office 

Location: Hyderabad

Firm Name: Arka Design Studio

Total Built-up Area: 10,535 sq ft

Image Credits: Arka Design Studio

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