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Ar. Dikshu C. Kukreja and Geeta Mehta Launch ‘Liveable Cities for the Future’ Compendium at Think 20 Summit

At the Think 20 Summit held in Mysuru, “Liveable Cities for the Future,” a compendium shedding light on crucial urban challenges, was unveiled. The compendium is authored by Ar. Dikshu C. Kukreja, Managing Principal at CP Kukreja Architects, and Geeta Mehta, the Founder of Asia Initiatives and SoCCs (Social Capital Credits), as well as an Adjunct Professor at GSAPP, Columbia University, USA.

The compendium gathers wisdom from leading global authorities and academics specializing in sustainability and urban design. Central to this collection is the acknowledgment that knowledge and creativity extend beyond particular locations or fields. The compendium’s contributors embody a rich tapestry of cultures, experiences, and proficiencies, nurturing a worldwide discourse that transcends borders and academic confines.

Architects Kukreja and Geeta Mehta Launch 'Liveable Cities for the Future' Compendium at Think 20 Summit1

The compendium “Liveable Cities for the Future” is organized into several thematic clusters, each focusing on a specific aspect. Within the ‘Big Ideas’ cluster, the discussions revolve around city planning and global urban challenges. Esteemed writers such as Guilherme Lassance from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Saskia Sassen from New York, USA, Sara Roversi from Bologna, Italy, and Tetsuo Kidokoro and Norihisa Shina from Tokyo, Japan contribute insightful essays.

Exploring the theme of ‘Social Justice,’ three authors delve into various approaches to shape a more equitable future. Peter J. Marcotullio from New York, Susan Blaustein from Washington, DC, USA, and Kate Ascher from New York and London examine urban issues through this lens.

The discourse on ‘Informal Settlements’ addresses communities residing in environmentally fragile areas. Matias Echanove from Geneva, Switzerland, and Rahul Srivastava from Mumbai, India, co-founders of URBZ, advocate for a solution involving resident-led self-improvement in collaboration with the government.

Architects Kukreja and Geeta Mehta Launch 'Liveable Cities for the Future' Compendium at Think 20 Summit1

Providing a historical context, Kaisa Bronen-Bauer from Finland and Nikos A. Salingaros from Texas, USA, contribute to the ‘Historic Perspective’ cluster, shedding light on past architectural ideologies and their relevance to modern urban design.

Recognizing the importance of perspectives from upcoming generations and decision-makers, Sushmita Shekar offers insights into the ‘Young Person’s Perspective,’ focusing on their aspirations and needs for the urban future.

Speaking about the book, Mr. Dikshu Kukreja said, “The opportunity to lead an initiative with thinkers from across the globe on the future of our cities and how to make them liveable has not only been challenging but highly inspiring. I hope this compendium can become a leading light on guiding us on the way forward into a better future for our cities. “

Sharing the gist of Liveable Cities for the Future, Ms. Geeta Mehta said, “The compendium “Livable Cities for the Future” brings together expert opinions on critical issues that must be addressed to make our cities livable today, and into the future. These include issues of ecology and sustainability, social justice and equity, economic structures and threats, as well as gender issues that can make our cities that can enhance the productivity of our cities, and the quality of life for people from all walks of life and income categories. The authors have also presented case studies and examples that make this compendium a must read for urban professionals, bureaucrats, academics and the general public.”

Written by Team TDJI

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