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East Kidwai Nagar Exhibition Centre: Redefining Urban Design with Innovation and Sustainability

The Ministry of Urban Housing and Affairs, in collaboration with NBCC, unveils the East Kidwai Nagar Exhibition Centre in New Delhi. Positioned as a beacon of innovation and sustainability, this architectural marvel represents a paradigm shift in urban design.

Designed by STHAPATI, the Exhibition Centre transcends traditional concepts of public spaces, offering a dynamic environment that fosters community interaction and sustainability. Situated strategically along New Delhi’s main ring road, the Centre boasts high visibility and accessibility, serving as a hub for both residents and visitors.

At the heart of its design philosophy is a commitment to sustainability and inclusivity.

The Centre features a prefabricated construction approach, minimizing on-site pollution and waste generation. Its striking steel framework, with expansive spans of column-free spaces, creates a covered public area at ground level, maximizing usability and connectivity with the surrounding urban fabric.

Moreover, the Centre’s innovative design includes features such as transparent glass walls, screened fenestrations, and a latticed GRC Jali façade, integrating functionality with aesthetics. This dynamic canvas, adorned with an expansive LED screen, transforms the building into a captivating urban landmark.

Beyond its architectural brilliance, the Exhibition Centre offers unmatched services tailored to meet the diverse needs of its visitors. From multi-cuisine eateries showcasing the subcontinent’s gastronomy to modular exhibition spaces and ample community areas, it caters to a wide range of interests and activities.

As urbanization continues to reshape city landscapes worldwide, the East Kidwai Nagar Exhibition Centre stands as a testament to the power of public buildings in shaping dynamic, inclusive, and environmentally conscious environments. It heralds a new era in urban design, emphasizing the importance of sustainability and inclusivity for a more equitable future.

Written by Team TDJI

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