10 Exquisite Holiday Homes in India

Explore vibrant Goa to timeless Jaipur, experiencing architectural wonders along the way


Ahmedabad's weekend retreat is crafted with meticulous luxury

Goa's Baia Villas, blending tradition with modernity in every villa

Alibaug's bungalow, where indoor and outdoor spaces merge seamlessly

Pune's minimalist home is inspired by Japanese design's serene simplicity

Bengaluru's eco-sanctuary is a blend of reclaimed materials and lush greenery

Alibaug's tropical retreat is a symphony of captivating colors and forms

Jaipur, where classical elegance meets contemporary luxury

Chennai's Nalukettu architecture is a modern oasis with climate-friendly materials

Goa's boutique hotel celebrates local arts amidst rustic elegance

Surat's farmhouse, where organic design meets natural serenity