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Vastu Tips for the main door or entrance

Interior spaces of a home have their own energies and Vastu is a science pertaining to harnessing the vibes and energies in order to create positivity. The main door or entrance has great importance as this is the passage which brings not only life to the home but also from where energies, either positive or negative, enter and exit. Hence, what better way to invite positivity than paying attention to the home entrance door’s placement so that it activates the most beneficial energy indoors.

Following are some Vastu tips to help you increase positivity:-

Positioning of the main door

Ensure that the main door opens in a clockwise direction and at 90 degrees, without any obstacles in the way or a wall in front so that there is free flow of fresh air making the interiors well ventilated. Avoid main door at center of any wall or at corners. In fact locate entrance at least a feet away from any corner as per the principles of vastu, the corners must be empty space to inculcate wellness in the internal environment. The entrance must also not face a desolate, abandoned, deserted or rundown building as this creates negative vibes. Also keep in mind not to have a septic tank or underground tank under the main door.

Identify best directions for main door as per vastu shastra as per the diagram below.

Vastu Tips for the main door or entrance

Effect of Directions

East: Vastu suggests that the main entrance must be in North-East as this is the most auspicious to enhance power and festivity, due to its exposure to the morning sun or UV Rays for purification, air and fresh light enters the home from East. Ensure that main door must not be in south east direction.

North: Entrancein the northisthe second best option as energy levels are high, and a door this direction also brings in large fortune to the residents. The door should not be placed in the right half (North-West) or near the corners of the walls but in the centre of the wall. This will allow ample amount of sunlight throughout the day.

West: The door can be placed in the left half, but avoid positioning the door in the right half of the house as more windows are supposed to be positioned here for a constant sunlight throughout the day. Avoid the opening the main entrance in the south west direction.

South:  South directions are considered inauspicious but in case you do have an entrance in the south plan another one in the north direction. If have to have an entrance on the south wall of your home, ensure that it is a south-east entrance and not a south-west one.  

Decorations for main entrance

Vastu Tips for the main door or entrance

It is auspicious to decorate the main entrance with divine symbols like, Om, swastika, idols and portraits of Gods, Kul Devta (family deity) etc., put rangolis on the floor, and torans on the door as these are auspicious and invite good fortune, luck, wealth, prosperity and positivity. The main entrance must be clean and properly lit because a dark, dirty and dingy entrance is off-putting to both people and energies. Therefore, your main door must be brightly lit, to exude warmth and happiness but avoid red-colored lights.

If space permits place have green plants, vines and succulents outside the main door. But never keep dustbins, animal statues, fountains or water-elements, broken furniture, near the main entrance. Nor place any mirror opposite to main door as it causes energy to bounce back outside; however, it is advisable to place a mirror at a right angle to the door as this reflects positivity into the house.

A beautiful name plate

Vastu Tips for the main door or entrance

Ensure to have a beautiful, prominent, visible name plate on entrance of a home to show you are proud to be its owner; personalize your home to attract prosperity, wealth and happiness for your family.  If the door is in the north or west direction Vastu recommends a metal nameplate and a wooden nameplate, if the door is in the south or east direction.

Main entrance must be the biggest

Vastu Tips for the main door or entrance

According to Vastu, the main door must be the largest in the house as big door door bring in more energy inside the house. It should be in two parts rather than one big unit.  This means that the main entrance door must be 7ft in height and 3 ft wide. Avoid short doors. Remember to keep all the other doors shorter in height. Owners must never use the back door as the main entrance and only your domestic help or other staff must be allowed to enter or exit from there.  

Nature and kind of doors

Vastu Tips for the main door or entrance

The main door must be simple, made from superior quality of wood as this signifies the positive indoor environment.  The most auspicious material to make doors from is wood.  Avoid sliding doors, slanting or circular door as opening entrances of your home as they distort positive energy pattern. A threshold and doormat is a must have. The threshold must be of marble or wood as according to Vastu it acts as a barrier for the entry of negative vibes from outside and also prevents loss of wealth. Doormat signifies leaving negativity outside with the dust.  Ensure that the house is on an elevated level from the ground. Avoid cracks, dents or scratches on the main door. Opt for earthy shades such as wood but avoid bright colors like red or orange or even black colored main door.

Correct the dosha –

  • for a house entrance in southern direction by adding wood and metal;
  • for a house entrance in western direction by metal works;
  • for a house entrance in northern direction by silver color;
  • for a house entrance in eastern direction by wooden door adorned with limited metal accessories.

We do realize that it is not practically possible to follow all these Vastu tips word-by-word. Builders also do not offer Vastu-compliant homes but you can certainly take certain corrective measures to absorb all the negative energy.

Written by Team TDJI

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