Vastu remedies for South-west direction

The South-West direction denotes the earth elements, governed by the demon ‘Nairutti’ and its corresponding planet Rahu — one of the fiercest planets, as per Vedic astrology. As per the basic principle of Vastu Shastra, the South-West is considered an inauspicious direction and stores magnetic energies which when used properly can bring the owner happiness, healthy life, financial prosperity and confidence.

This direction also represents stability which can be mental, physical, social, professional or financial, therefore making it pertinent to balance and remove dosha or Vastu defects for happiness and prosperity.  An imbalance can invite unexpected expenses, behavioral issues such as depression, stress, anxiety and suicidal feelings and loss of energy. This is why an entrance on the South West side of the home is a complete no-no, as per Vastu. However, here are certain remedies or tips for negating the effects and increasing the positive energies surrounding your home.

Keep Vastu symbols

Vastu remedies for South-west direction

Paint Om, Trishul, and Swastika symbols on the sides and top of every door in the house having a South-West entrance to decrease negative effects and increase positivity. Around the entrance place Vastu place earthly elements, pyramids, plants, and wind chimes, as per Vastu. At the entrance,  you can also place a statue or a picture of Lord Ganesha. A Rahu Yantra can be placed in the South-West corner.

Designing and planning open space

Vastu remedies for South-west direction

If you have an entrance in South West,  as per Vastu create open spaces for a free flow of positive energy in the North East direction of your home as this can be quite beneficial. Vastu underlines the importance of leaving open space for the overall energy balancing of the house as crowded construction with no planning for open spaces attracts negative energy bringing misfortune, disease and harmful effects for the owners of the property.  While designing the construction of the house keep in mind that the South-West section of the house must be more elevated and heavier than the North-Eastern. In fact there must be a slope which runs in the North East direction to balance the negative and positive energies of homes having a South West entrance. Also ensure that the South-Western wall or corner of the house does not have any cracks as this can cause health issues and drain on the treatment expenditure.

Avoid Extension in South West Zones

Vastu remedies for South-west direction

It is not recommended to extend your home in the South West direction, because the space in the South West corner can increase the flow of negativity, loss of money in business and commercial activities. It is also believed that open spaces in East of South East will bring ill health, blockage of money and finances. As per Vastu principles having open space on the left in the south or south of southwest is also considered to be inauspicious. It is believed that South of the South West is related to female residents, and having an empty space in this direction can affect the health of female residents of the house. You should install Vastu strips made of brass, wood, or copper on the walls to fix the dosha if in case you are extending your home in South West direction.

Place a water fountain

Vastu remedies for South-west direction

According to some Vastu Shastra experts, install a water body to attract positive energy like a fountain, swimming pool, aquarium in the North East corner of a home with a South West entrance. While others advice against keeping a water body in South-facing home. Another advice is to construct an overhead water tank in the South West side of the house to balance the energy which surrounds your South West facing home. However, it is a big no or taboo to have an underground water tank or even a basement in the South West corner of the home as per Vastu, as this can make the residents of the house feel depressed and anxious. This can cause major delays in their life related in all matters in their life from personal to business decisions.

Master bed room

Vastu remedies for South-west direction

The South-West direction is perfect for master bedroom, as this ensures that the owner is enjoys good health, wealth, is always safe and happy. It is also the most restful place for the owner of the house but refrain from giving it to the son, especially one who is newly married, as this may create family problems. A South-West bedroom is very strong and has dominating over tones; it can cause clashes between the daughter and mother-in-law. It is also good to store cash, jewellery and valuables in the South-West corner of the house, as according to Vastu experts, anything kept in this direction multiplies. Place cash drawer of the business unit or shop in South-West corner for prosperity.

Avoid Bathroom in the South West

Vastu remedies for South-west direction

Never install a toilet in the South-West corner as it results in financial losses and monetary instability. In case you have a toilet in this direction, Vastu Shastra recommends keeping its doors closed all the time to stop negative energy from flowing into the living spaces of your home.

Kitchen in the South West

Vastu remedies for South-west direction

A kitchen in the South-West corner burns the positive energies that need to be accumulated, and this may create problems related to reputation and fame for the residents. A solution is to have a secondary kitchen in the South East for helping balance the flow of energy. However, this secondary kitchen must be used every day. Additionally, you can paint your kitchen yellow and place the gas stove in the South East corner.

Keep Heavy Materials in the Right Place

Vastu for home advocates keeping heavy materials like furniture like sofa and cupboards; washing machines in the South West area to avoid and counter negativity inside the home.  The above mentioned remedies will help balance and harmonize physical space and in case some Vastu tips can’t be implemented, consult experts for personalized suggestions and advice.

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