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Trending Rugs this Season

New year brings new energy and emotions, and it’s a great time to refresh your surroundings. In the current times, our homes have become our safe space, a space where we spend most of our quality time and a space we would all love to add some newness to! Lets explore the upcoming trends for 2021 for rugs.

Kaleen India

Environment-friendly rugs

There is a growing wish for all natural and organic products in homes and the necessity to become more eco-conscious, this will be reflected in the rug trends of 2021. Besides natural fibres such as silk and wool, we’ll discover upcoming lines of non-dyed, non-toxic, hypoallergenic rugs and carpets which are crafted from renewal and biodegradable resources.

Hotel- plush

With comfort and health becoming more and more a priority, luxurious home carpeting will be a trend this season while we expect our homes become our hotels, offices, restaurants and much more. High-end broadlooms will take the centre-stage for fine living.

Kaleen India

Hand- weaves

Hand-made is the trend of the century and hand-woven rugs is quickly becoming the first choice for home-owners. Hand-woven rugs they add on a feeling of originality and story to any space and offer durability and supremacy. In 2021, authentic, handicraft rugs are definitely going to be in fashion.

Rug- art

Paintings, artworks and sculptures made into rugs will be a striking trend this season with messaging that goes beyond design. Purposeful narratives and connecting stories will be brought forward through art-on-floor.


Rugs in abstract and odd shapes and patterns are set to make a statement in 2021. These carpets with their shapes, geometry, cut-outs, high-low, textures and carvings will prove to be a centerpiece and conversation starters for any room.

Freedom of Design

The ability and power to create your own rug will also be an upcoming trend for this year. 2021 will see the introduction of rug democracy, which can build a strong user-centered design ‘language’ and fine tune the self-expression onto a rug .This can increase the scale of innovation in the making and at the same time build the creative capacity of the people involved in its creation.


Striking colors and bold patterns juxtaposition to bring rule-breaking maximalism back into fashion. There will be a play of textiles, yarns, patterns, techniques, colors and much more, altogether, to create something expressive, unique and mismatched yet beautiful for living spaces.

Written by Radhe Rathi

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