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Transforming Tradition: A Modern Renaissance in Avilés by David Olmos Arquitectos

In the heart of the historic town of Avilés, nestled within a residential enclave, stands a 120m2 flat that has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis under the expert hands of David Olmos Tapia and his architectural firm, David Olmos Arquitectos. Positioned in close proximity to the historic center, this flat presented a canvas rich with possibilities, ripe for a contemporary reimagining that harmonizes modern living needs with its traditional surroundings.

The essence of this renovation project was to fuse together the distinct areas of the flat seamlessly, ensuring a balance between connectivity and individuality. Central to this vision was the creation of spaces that not only flowed effortlessly into one another but also served distinct purposes tailored to the lifestyle needs of its inhabitants.

The south-facing rooms, bathed in natural light, were strategically designed to embrace the warmth of the sun. Here, the living room extends a welcoming invitation, leading gracefully into a spacious bedroom adorned with a covered terrace—a sanctuary for relaxation and contemplation. Meanwhile, towards the courtyard, a cluster of functional spaces emerges, housing the kitchen, a cozy dining area, a service room, and the master bedroom, each offering a retreat from the bustle of urban life.

In response to the evolving dynamics of post-pandemic living, the owners articulated a clear vision for their revamped abode. They sought a sanctuary that not only accommodated the demands of remote work but also nurtured a sense of connectivity and intimacy within the home.

To realize this vision, Olmos and his team meticulously crafted a dedicated workspace bathed in natural light—a haven for productivity shielded from the distractions of daily life. This sanctuary seamlessly integrates into the fabric of the living space, ensuring a harmonious balance between work and leisure.

Additionally, the renovation prioritized privacy and comfort, with a private bedroom boasting a luxurious dressing room and ensuite bathroom—a tranquil oasis where the stresses of the day melt away.

Central to the design philosophy of this transformation was the artful integration of curved furniture—a masterstroke that imbued the space with a sense of fluidity and grace. These sinuous forms served as gentle regulators of space, sculpting a harmonious dialogue between the various areas of the flat without sacrificing functionality or visual appeal.

Furthermore, the judicious use of color played a pivotal role in elevating the aesthetic allure of the space. A serene palette of white envelops the walls, punctuated by the warmth of wooden accents and the understated elegance of mink grey—a cohesive symphony of hues that unifies the entire dwelling.

Fact Sheet:

Project name: Reforma apartamento

Firm Name: David Olmos Arquitectos

Main Architect: David Olmos Tapia

Location: Spain

Total area: 120m2

Photo Credit: Ivo Tavares Studio

Written by Team TDJI

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