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Timeless & Quirky: A Captivating Design for an Family

Priyanka Singh from Chalk Studio has brilliantly designed a captivating project for an elderly couple and their son, reflecting their unique personalities with a harmonious blend of modernity and creativity, while maintaining a touch of timelessness and quirkiness.

Vibrant pops of color strategically emerge, infusing each space with character and life. In pursuit of both durability and aesthetic appeal, Priyanka ingeniously incorporates a mix of materials. Subway, kitkat, and terrazzo tiles grace the interior, endowing it with a robust and economical quality, while simultaneously contributing to a playful aesthetic. Contrasting elements of luxury are introduced through the inclusion of champagne metal, teak wood, and Michelangelo marble, elevating the overall ambiance to a truly refined level.

As you step into this captivating abode, your eyes are immediately drawn to the stunning wrap-around shelving system, a perfect fusion of natural wooden shelves and sleek modern metal supports. This eye-catching feature gracefully serves both the formal and private living areas, providing a delightful showcase for the family’s cherished collectibles, books, travel souvenirs, and charming decor items. It’s a space that beautifully reflects the essence of the household’s character and interests.

 Chalk Studio

The living and dining areas are embraced by lush greenery on two sides, courtesy of the balcony that surrounds them. This infusion of nature creates a warm and serene sanctuary within the heart of the bustling city, inviting the family to relax and unwind in the midst of urban life.

As you reach the family lounge, a striking feature catches your eye: a one-of-a-kind study unit. On one end, vibrant teal-colored drawers add a playful touch, harmoniously balanced by asymmetrical shelving on the other end. This dynamic combination not only provides functional storage but also adds a touch of artistic flair to the room.

 Chalk Studio

Within the passage area, a cleverly carved small vestibule serves as a buffer, creating a gentle transition between the main bedrooms of the home. This thoughtful addition enhances privacy and comfort, making the bedrooms feels like secluded retreats within the larger abode.

The master bedroom exudes elegance in subtle neutral tones, featuring a custom-made king bed with a cushioned backrest that spans the entire wall. Linear grooving patterns on the walls and a geometric collection of artworks add a touch of sophistication. The master bathroom boasts a regal combination of Michelangelo marble and kitkat tiles, elegantly echoing the bedroom’s linear theme. Modern elements like track lights and black sanitary fixtures create striking contrasts, while a large backlit ceiling-to-floor mirror enhances the space.

 Chalk Studio

A custom-made bed in the second bedroom takes the center stage, adorned with a curved fluted backrest. The wardrobe shutters reflect the same fluting design, leading to the charming “mustard” bathroom. The bathroom showcases a beautiful contrast of flat and fluted grey tiles, framing a circular touch mirror as a focal point.

 Chalk Studio

The third bedroom stands out as the most contemporary space, combining striking blue accents with bold black and white elements. Geometric shelving next to the TV complements the stitch pattern on the king-size storage bed. A captivating monochromatic artwork draws the eye, while custom-made swivel chairs add a touch of uniqueness.

The Prussian blue subway tiles create a stunning contrast against the black and white Moroccan tiles, perfectly harmonizing with the bedroom’s color scheme. The guest bedroom continues the theme of linearity, featuring an asymmetrical fluting design behind the bed. Two standout elements catch attention: L-shaped shelving serving as a bedside shelf and a minimalist dresser with a mirror and pouffe, and opposite the bed, the fluting integrates with the TV shelving unit, artfully framing an abstract artwork in pleasing green and blush colors.

 Chalk Studio

This residence showcases an impeccable fusion of aesthetic appeal and practicality. Every element has been carefully curated to elevate the living experience, transforming the ordinary into something extraordinary.

Fact File:

Project Name: The Pantone Home

Location : Phase 4, Gurgaon,India

Typology: Residence

Size:  3800 Square Feet

Interior Design Firm : Chalk Studio

Principal Designer and Founder : Priyanka Singh

Photography Credit : Avesh Gaur

Written by Team TDJI

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