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The Mysa Home – A haven amidst the busy city, designed by Disha Bhavsar and Shivani Ajmera

Nestled in the heart of Mumbai’s luxury coastal neighborhood of Bandra, The Mysa Home is a sophisticated haven for young urbanites. Designed by Interior Designers Disha Bhavsar and Shivani Ajmera, this urban home is an oasis for residents who get to enjoy modern luxury while surrounded by comforting amenities. The name Mysa (MEESA) is a Swedish word that paints an image of coziness and warmth.

Quirk Studio

The quaint, sea-facing apartment, with its large floor-to-ceiling windows that reach from ceiling to floor, echoes the tranquility of its surroundings. As the sun rises in the sky glistening through the windows, it transforms throughout the day as its light shines into different parts of this abode. It is reminiscent of yesteryear Bombay apartments and is a reminder of how things used to be long ago – one can almost hear the wind chimes echoing softly in sultry summer afternoon or smell freshly brewed tea! In devotion to the adage of ‘less is more’, the home’s DNA is an ensemble of bright, capacious spaces interwoven with minimalism in its every weave.

“The apartment unfurls into an open-plan, living cum dining area that occupies the heart of the layout; a conglomerate of spaces that sets the tone of the residence.” The kitchen is part of this spatial layout and setting, situated in the center of what would otherwise be two separate rooms. This is because it takes a unique type of partition made out of glass and metal to make it seem as though there were only one void. These walls offer versatility – they don’t have to compromise on style or function!

The dining room section of the home is built into the living room, anchored by a solid wood dining table and spindled bench coupled with upholstered chairs. The grains of the wood make for an impressive pairing that puts together all of the pieces to create a welcoming family environment for dinnertime conversations and fun times around food.

Keeping in line with the overarching intentions of the abode, the hallway is demarcated with Ashwood-hued doors and a collage of watercolor pastel geometric art. The master bedroom is pragmatic in its function; however it still manages to be outfitted in a way that exudes style and sophistication. The taupe Venetian-plastered wall anchors black and white still-life prints that crown the grey upholstered bed which rests adjacent to a patterned textured runner. Steeped in white, the guest bedroom is a serene space where guests will find absolute comfort. The objet d’art in this room is the floral wallpaper which boasts of cherry blossom flowers against faint mint walls.

Quirk Studio

The Nordic influences and Scandinavian design language that The Mysa Home embraces is the result of an interpretation of a brief given to a designer. The way that the designer interpreted this design language can be seen through the clever use of contrasting materials, such as wood and concrete, as well as natural hues for furnishings such as greenery contrasted with hints of metallic touches like copper, all of which were used to create an aesthetic that will serve as a leitmotif so that this home can truly evolve and reflect both you and your family with top-notching craftsmanship!

Quirk Studio

A Nordic-inspired concept, The Mysa Home has been designed with elegance and class, whilst ensuring that it’s capable of evolving with the needs of the end-users — an exercise in place making, wherein a home rooted deeply in family comfort evolves.

Fact Sheet

Designer Name: Interior Designer Disha Bhavsar and Shivani Ajmera

Firm Name: Quirk Studio

Location: Mumbai

Photo Credits: Kuber Shah

Written by Team TDJI

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