The Modern Indian Residence By Etania Architects

A stunningly beautiful home occupying an entire city block, this home is a fusion of traditional Indian design with contemporary elements. The structure boasts four large bedrooms: a master bedroom, a son’s bedroom, a daughter’s bedroom, and a multipurpose room that can be used as either a guest room or an office. It also has an entrance foyer, a family lounge area, a striking dining area, an inviting formal living space, a graphic pooja unit, and a subtle swish kitchen.

The home designed by Etania Architects is a single-story residence. Its common areas, including the entrance, living room, kitchen, dining room, and son’s bedroom are all on stone flooring. The bedrooms for parents and guests are on wooden floors.

The Modern Indian Residence By Etania Architects

The Entrance:

A long passageway leads from the front door to a spacious hall and dining hall. We wanted the entrance to this part of the house to be engaging and stimulating, as well as a bridge to the grandeur of the house.

The foyer is designed with a built-in wall unit on the right. The unit has two drawers that are covered with the same wood veneer used in the rest of the house. Its ceiling is plywood, while its wall is covered with light brown frappuccino Italian marble. There’s a partition made of MS between the foyer and living area.

The Modern Indian Residence By Etania Architects

All About The Family Living:

The Family Living space is designed around a sleek, T.V unit with a TV wall and comfortable brown recliner sofas on either side, highlighted by geometric patterned wallpaper, fancy sleek black lights and Italian marble cladding. A partition with contrasting colors also adds character to the space.

Photo of the house
The Modern Indian Residence By Etania Architects

The Dining Area:

The living and dining area are extended to create an open-concept space. The designers combined an 8 by 4- dining table with a white marble top and leather chairs with contrasting leather tones. A crystal chandelier adds a touch of luxury to the entire space. The dining area’s north wall has textured wallpaper and a decorative hexagonal mirror.

Photo of the house

The Pooja Room, which features a three-way sliding glass door adorned with floral patterns, is next to the dining area. The walls are clad with nano-white stone and rose gold metals

The Kitchen Area:

By matching cabinets, wall paint, countertops, and the floor in the same hue, the monochromatic modular kitchen is a good example of how a single hue can dramatically impact varying shades. The 6′ long island can be used as both a breakfast bar and preparation table. The glass crockery unit blends perfectly with the stucco painted wall. The circular metal installation enhances the beauty of the wall.

Photo of the house

The kitchen is part of an open plan layout, so all appliances are built-in to give it an elegant and sleek look. The lights hanging down from the ceiling accentuates the appeal of the dining area.

The Master Bedroom:

The tastefully designed master bedroom of our client’s home is an excellent example of how combining a few different styles can create a beautiful, cohesive space. Light-colored botticino marble on the floor gives a timeless, classy feel.

Photo of the house

Wooden panelling on one wall boasts clean, straight lines in a veneer finish. A W.I.C door is incorporated into the design to blend it with the TV wall panelling. The full height headboard is an example of finely crafted furniture and adds just the right touch of refinement to the room..

Photo of the house

 Modern and elegant lights in gold, above bold side tables, add a hint of colour and elegance to the space. A gold accent wall art also enhances its glory.

Daughter’s Bedroom:

The daughter’s room appears to be a charming mix of pinks, whites, and rose gold. The wall behind the bed is decorated with floral wallpaper in pastel pink tones and a headboard made of the same material, adding depth and interest to the space. Custom furniture made of smooth wooden materials spans out through the room in pale colours.

Photo of the house

Son’s Bedroom:

The room is airy and uses metallic gold paint to make the room feel larger. A cove light highlights the Italian marble base of the bed and a layer of leather encloses it, making a double-layered base. The Italian marble base is inlaid with gold veins. Behind the door is additional storage and a dark laminated wooden floor.

Photo of the house

The bathroom walls are clad with glossy tiles and the bathroom ledge is highlighted with tiles of accent color. A backlit mirror in the bathroom creates an illusion of depth in the room. Here, quartz is used for countertops and wooden finished PVC panels for the ceiling.

Guest Room:

A linear theme was inspired by the principle of linearity. Linear elements in different forms, colors, and materials helped bring the whole room together. Portrayed as light brown, a hint of gold, and beige, the predominant colors are brown, a hint of gold and beige. The same linear pattern is continued on the TV unit panelling in the form of grooves finished with Duco paint.

The room has a wooden floor to improve acoustics and function as a multipurpose recreation room. The northeast wall is fitted with a longitudinal mirror. This placement aligns with Vastu principles and is considered auspicious.

Project Description: 

Carpet area: 3500 sq ft

Location : Hyderabad

Architects : Etania Architects

Image Credit: Ravi Varma

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