India on the Move : The India Pavilion by CP Kukreja Architects

The India Pavilion

The smallest of achievements in any niche that puts India into the limelight brings a sense of immense pride and joy to an individual as an Indian and this time CP Kukreja Architects has graced each of us with that feeling again. Smile a bit more about being from a country whose architecture is garnering admiration and appreciation worldwide as The India Pavilion is recognized as ‘one of the most iconic’ pavilions at the Expo Dubai 2020 happening since October 2021.

Expo Dubai 2020 is a global platform for eminent architects from all over the world to represent their countries interpreting the theme – ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, through their designs. The India pavilion is intended to represent the growth of our country post-independence and how it is a gold mine of opportunities for international investors as well. The platform is promoting innovation, understanding, and inclusion, and taking that thought forward the India Pavilion is inclusive of understanding the heritage and digital transformation and presenting it in the most innovative way possible.

The India Pavilion

The architecture of the 21st century is supposed to be technically evolved and mindful of the environment. India is a land of diverse cultures and communities and the India pavilion intends to celebrate the multifarious culture of the country and the conscious architecture being practiced here. According to the Principal Architect Dikshu Kukreja, the major concern was how to capture the diversity of India into one building, and hustling for the answer brought them down to design a kinetic facade that does the storytelling of 75 years of Independent India. 

The India Pavilion

The concept devised is ‘India on the Move’ that speculates the transformations and developments happening with India being one of the fastest developing countries and the dynamic facade would appropriately complement the concept of moving India. The built-form manages to intertwine technology and craftsmanship and bring to life a structure like The India Pavilion – that captivates your vision and engages you with fascinating storytelling.

The India Pavilion

The facade comprises 600 individual blocks that rotate using Kinetic architecture. Expo Dubai 2020 is a global stage, and The India Pavilion is an effort to pay homage to and enlighten people worldwide with the Indian Culture, history, geography, and literature of the country. During the day, it charms visitors with the seventy-five different stories itched with the glory of the nation and at night it illuminates with a light and sound show depicting the celebration of a festival.

The India Pavilion

Deliberate design thought is incorporated by utilizing every nook and corner of the site and using a trapezoidal site that creates visual memorabilia. The site captures the Indian cityscapes and different architectural elements like sun-dial and amphitheater and represents a diverse and united India. The India Pavilion is the tallest building at Expo Dubai 2020 and uses sustainability as a major design principle integrating technology and climate of the region together. The natural sunlight and ventilation inside the pavilion are managed by the movement of the Facade and the skylight keeps the interior more lit and bright. Climatological design is also a driving factor that incorporates the harsh sunlight of Dubai through solar panels on the terrace.

The interior is an amalgamation of physical exhibits and immersive digital experience conceived using the latest cutting-edge and innovative technology which conceives a fanciful atmosphere for the visitors and displays the developing segments of the Indian economy. Representing the country’s potential, programs such as Digital India, Make in India, Start-up India, and Skill India are featured. To make the interior more exhilarating eleven different themes are incorporated into The India Pavilion.

The India Pavilion

As one enters The India Pavilion the starry theme reflects the thriving state of the country in space assignments. Moving further, you would encounter the yoga performers with the mandals on display in the background and a walk in the radium premises would further explain the benefits of Ayurveda. On the first floor, the LED walls are used to present the heritage of India with a colorful experience. The second floor makes conversations about all the endless opportunities that are bestowed in the country. It will also feature a state-of-art theater for meetings, conferences, film screenings, and cultural shows.

The India Pavilion
The India Pavilion
The India Pavilion

The India Pavilion by CP Kukreja Architects showcases the evolution of Indian architecture and its competence to walk hand-in-hand with global contemporary architecture. Acknowledged for the thought and concept and is one of the three pavilions that will be retained in Dubai as an Indian center for the descendants to experience and enjoy Indian culture.

Fact Sheet

Location: Dubai, UAE

Site: 1.2 acres

Built-up area: 1, 00, 000 sq. ft.

Year of completion: 2021

Principal Architect: C P Kukreja Architects

Project Management Contract (PMC): NBCC DWC-LLC

Business Facilitators: Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI)

Client/ Owner: Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India

Interior fit-outs: Muse International

Digital Content curation: Moving Pixels 

Image Credits : CP Kukreja Architects

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