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The Curio House – A Collector’s Den by Design Lab Vyoma

The CURIO HOUSE as the name suggest, is a paradise for an art & artifact collector, designed by Ar. Vyoma Patwa Motiramani of Design Lab Vyoma. The Contemporary interiors are carefully curated to compliment these pieces, which are seamlessly bought together, forming the DNA of the space. These pieces are collectables from different corners of the world, showcasing some brilliant craftsmanship to the only surviving ancient traditional folk art paintings. While some being unique & fun memorabilia & souvenirs from the clients travel dairies.

Design Lab Vyoma

Keeping the above in mind the designer designed the project aiming to create a neutral, minimalistic contemporary canvas, which not only would compliment, but also server as the perfect backdrop for the artifacts. While the art work & the collectables when put together would bring out the maximalist style of interiors.

Thus letting the whole space along with its interiors act like a bridge between a maximalist & minimalist style of work.

The use of wood throughout, besides binding the space, also brings in the required warmth & coziness, while the exposed concrete finish surfaces brings in the calmness & tranquil to the space. One can see how the entrance foyer to the space, with its gorgeous paintings, accent brass lighting fittings & brass details on the main door, sets the tone for the house, giving it a holistic & serene vibe, but at the same time having a feel of understated luxury & classiness.

Navigating one through the vast variety of the various collectibles, here are few mentions that would help one connect with the space better.

•Beginning with a clear reflection of the brilliant Indian woodwork craftsmanship is seen through the detailed carved work of the center table & side table sets.

Design Lab Vyoma

•While the reflection of the metal karigary work is seen in the pure brass hand carved Radha Krishna deity statue, each weighing over 10kgs.

•On a closer look at the intricately carved bar unit, one can see glimpses & scenes depicted from the Korean culture, while the circular wood carved jalli, is an antique collectable from a small southern village of Baan Tawai in Thailand.

Design Lab Vyoma11

 •A Traditional African cultural artwork called Kitengela Glass (which means hot glass that love the sun), is seen in the form of the beautiful handmade hanging glass artifact by the window, whose colours radiate throughout the corner once the sun’s rays reflect upon them.

•Complimenting these colours, shades & the concept of the sun radiating the space, we have the passage doorway completed in authentic hand crafted Murano glass artwork from Italy.

•The variety of masks from various different cultural backgrounds are bought together which becomes the highlight of the living space, and not to mention the sacked shelving system housing over 100 souvenir pieces which has its own little story to tell & relish.

Though the designer have created a luxurious yet soothing space with a balanced blend of aesthetics and design that optimize the use of space, each room has its own unique style reflecting the personalities of the end users.

Design Lab Vyoma

While the master room is done up in mature finish of natural teak wood battens, concrete & stone, along with accent brass inlays on wardrobe & paintings, the other two rooms meant their two teenage daughters, is completed in fun contemporary hues of mint green & royal blue adding an element of vibrancy to the space.

Design Lab Vyoma

The customized animal masks from the famous Masai Mara of Nairobi are seen as the art work in mint green room, the colour being as abstraction of the forest life. While the Phad Painting, which is seen in the third bedroom, is a religious scroll painting of folk deities, used for a musical rendition of the only surviving ancient traditional art form, famous in the Rajasthan state of India.

Fact Sheet:

Name: The Curio House

Location: Goregav – Mumbai

Area: 1300 sq.ft. carpet

Architect: Ar. Vyoma Patwa Motiramani

Design Firm:  Design Lab Vyoma

Design Team: Harsha Jangid

Photography credentials: Kuber Shah

Written by Team TDJI

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