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The beautiful home of a middle-aged couple and their daughter I Jayesh Mistry

Under the leadership of Principal Designer Jayesh Mistry, Taurus Interiors recently helped a middle-aged couple and their daughters create a dream home.The entrance of a house is the first engaging setup that depicts the taste and class of the residents. An impressive entry designed to house a custom console table. A drop of point for all your essentials in an arranged and systemic manner. A backdrop with a designer mirror and brass frames with a metal portrait gives a domesticated vibe, a refined curation by Apurva Desai. A balanced combination of warm and cool tones, dominantly in red and blue, shall define the outlook of the entrance. Space is enhanced with some statement elements like plants, vast artefacts, sculptures, ceiling and wall panelling to add definition to space, keeping it subtle yet impactful.

The entrance passage leads to a formal living area neatly partitioned with custom wooden grill. This entire space, at times, is also referred to as the Dialogue space. The artwork by artists like Apurva Desai and Kailash Desai are used to enhance the aesthetic vibe of the room.The living room space is conceptualised wisely, a spectacular concoction of keeping it lively and modern with customised seating, showcases and a central table. The custom wood grill and glass partition do an impeccable job of separating the areas yet keeping them open on both sides. A leather sofa in the Middle Eastern style Diwaan dominates the formal living room, providing it with a rich yet cultural essence.The flooring is covered with soothing and prominent Italian marbles. To embed a luminous hint, the room encompasses a custom-designed brass and glass chandelier. As a cherry on top of this bright space, six small yellow and grey landscape paintings by artist Kailash Desai would be embellished on the walls.

The design team designed a space, which fit for any activity is to lounge, dine, read, discuss, and listen to soothing music or a simple chit chat session for the client. The area allows direct access to the dining, kitchen and balcony.The centermost space of the entire house accommodates a rust pink sofa facing the TV Cabinet, storage and display unit. Adding some statement to space, a beautiful cityscape painting by Harshil Patel is added to the area.

A luxurious kitchen, planned for a spacious yet well-placed closed and open storage area with subtle pink and peach tones complementing the dark wood. A fully equipped space with high- end appliances. To add to this modern look, quality materials such as granite, wood, and back painted glass are used considering the frequency with which it is used, keeping the uniformity of the space intact. The kitchen island platform and dining table are well lit with five custom made brass finished hanging lights. The USP of this unit is the adjacent balcony, providing a serene space to relax on the custom-designed rocking chair made of wood and leather.

The master bedroom features a panel behind the bed, cladded with top-quality veneer and limocoat. The wood is complimented with delicate grid lines, with a “C” shaped brass deep drive that works as an operator between solid wood and genuine leather cladded headboard. The stone-like wall at the back is finished in signature customised textures. The back glow surface is made with brass and studded precisely cut mirrors on the wall to Accenture its beauty.A two-layered curtain, making the ambience minimalistic has been created along with a light grey high-back armchair with leg rest is included.

The wardrobe is an important aspect that needs to be both spacious and easily accessible. An interconnected walk-in closet made of wood and concealed brass and wood handles are ustomizedzed considering these points. The shutters are beautifully finished with faux leather. A dressing table and some inbuilt LED lights were added to this unit.
The walk-in closet also features a custom-designed work desk with a comfortable chair and a book rack.
The master bedroom area also accommodates a temple/ puja Ghar cladded and embellished by marbles on the inside and custom-designed brass grills to enhance the feel and the aura of this holy corner.

The master bedroom for the head of the house was worked on with a contemporary theme. The colour palette included some matured tones like wood brown, beige, dark grey, white, light grey, gold and dark beige. A modern yet mature aesthetic blend. A vivid play of vertical and horizontal geometric lines. The rich yet tasteful outlook helped us play with a variety of surfaces and textures. Incorporating wood, brass, back painted glasses, veneer, leather, limo coat for the wall, LED and suspended light to illuminate the area, and many different materials to play with.

The design and concept of daughter room are minimalistic and simple. Colour tones of this room kept to blue and shades of it. Majorly played with lines, curves and soft corners in the room. The overall bedroom is set with a soft tone, light blue as the dominant foreground. The headboard is a combination of genuine and faux leather. The brass made side table follows the blue tone.

Adding a custom design brass display dominates the soft grey background with vertical lines. The wardrobe shutters have similar trends of lines and curves.The aesthetics of this space is kept very soft and light. With a small dressing mirror with LED lights, the area is cladding with faux leather. The room translates a young and chic vibe, adding a signature talking chair and table to conclude the room.

A blend of modern and traditional appearance to the Guest room is aesthetically serene and comforting. Space combines some soothing and contrasting tones of pastel green, dark grey, light grey, and essential white hints.
Played with materials like wood, veneer, faux leather, PU colours, brass and other fabrics, the ustomiz deliver an elegant room to provide comfort.
The back headboard is assembled with faux leather in tall wooden framing. The bed is adorned with custom-designed side tables. In addition, a shuttered TV cabinet with multipurpose storage space has been provided.
Some fine details like a wood ustomized accessories stand with monocoat polish, a ustomized reading table, and a book rack finishes the room by adding all required elements of the space.

Fact Sheet:

Project Name: Apartment 701

Firm Name: Taurus Interiors

Principal Designer: Jayesh Mistry

Location: Ahmedabad, India
Area: 2000 Sq.ft

Photographer Credit: Ishita Sitwala

Stylist Credit: Saniya Tadha

Written by Team TDJI

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