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The Art of Crafting Character of your homes with Carpets

A carpet, like a work of art, can dramatically transform a space. This statement holds true since time immemorial, when carpets covered the floors of houses and tents as well as palaces and revered places of worship. Even then, carpets were not looked upon as mere floor coverings; they were an integral part of festivities and important social appointments, and were perceived as mood uplifters and a symbol of prestige.

So, what has the carpet done that has kept it relevant to the times and made it an essential inclusion across geographies and cultures for millennia? There’s many an answer in your Hands.

You see, as a design element, a Hands carpet is infinitely versatile. And it is because of this versatility that the carpet can be used as a means of self-expression, to infuse character into your chosen space. Irrespective of whether you are a maximalist or a minimalist. And so, we arrive at the question: what can a Hands carpet do for you? While the answers are infinite, really, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Craft a timeless tale for your home

Consider the following carpets. These are traditional carpets in their truest sense. With age-old design themes, rich with classic patterns, traditional symbolism, motifs and cohesive colour, they add sophistication and timelessness to your décor.

It is worth noting here that there are many successful examples of traditional designs being used in contemporary settings and vice-versa. For when it comes to adding personality to a space, it all really depends on you. Are you someone who loves seeing contrasting themes at play, or are you someone who seeks a harmonic balance of elements within a set theme?

Add texture and depth

Sometimes what a well-appointed room lacks is depth. It’s when everything seems to be in place yet the design falls flat and feels dull. This is where a carpet can transform things by introducing a play of textures and patterns, even a touch of mystery. Such as these.

Hand sculpted, with an interplay of pile height variances (here’s where the true magic lies), colours, textures, patterns, and compositions, they blend into any décor while adding the essential depth of dimension to it.

Elevate and unify elements

There is a challenge that many sprawling interiors and seamlessly flowing spaces face. Which is at times heightened by the presence of intermingling designs or design influences that leave the space wanting of a unifying factor. A single focal point. Enter carpets.

Stone flooring? Arched interiors? Panoramic windows? An extensive collection of curios on display? These carpets have the ability to hold and elevate all the varied architectural and design elements around it and guide the eye to arrive at a single point of focus.

Whether it’s the circular pattern, the fade finish or the interplay of muted and contrasting tones, these carpets act as a visual anchor to the space placed in.

Connect with fluidity and harmony

Some carpets can seamlessly connect disjointed or contrasting spaces, by acting as a bridge and establishing a visual dialogue between the two.

It doesn’t take a trained eye to notice that these carpets have a certain fluidity in design, an in-built direction. Be it the convergent crisscross of lines or the perceived chipping, parting and emergence of motifs in a pattern… it’s clever design; of patterns, colours and textures reaching out to connect.

Add drama and definition

This is for the non-conformist, experimental you. The one who does not shy of going bold in the face of all things muted. The one who is most likely to anchor a room with an opposing carpet style. Bold patterns, scale, shape and colours. There are just so many ways you can make a point and how.

What is truly refreshing about going down this route is that these statement carpets not only add a pop of colour and geometrics to a room, but also help define the tone and purpose for the space.

Find purpose and meaning, essentially Art

Every Hands carpet has been masterfully crafted to take the form of ‘art on the floor’. Sometimes, it’s just about including one such statement carpet around which everything else becomes a joyful celebration.

Depending on your aesthetic leanings, you could choose from traditional, transitional and contemporary design styles. Upon doing so, you create a centrestage for your home.

Taking the concept of art on the floor further and venturing into the space of philosophy are carpets that break down walls and barriers. The One Love carpet collection from Hands. Where nine designers reimagine familiar cultural elements as a global communication for hope and resilience. Expressed uniquely through nine carpet designs. Here are three from the collection.

Designs that speak to you, while understanding the language of the space they occupy. Patterns that draw attention to the space within and around. Textures that add depth and mystery to the mood and ambiance. There are infinite ways in which a Hands carpet can lend character to a space. Discover more at

Written by Mr. Deepankar Choudhary

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