Exclusive Range of Tapware Floated by Fima Carlo Frattini


Working towards exclusive and innovative designs, Fima Carlo Frattini is an Italian brand founded by Carlo Frattini dealing in bathroom and kitchen accessories for more than three generations now. To provide a more stylish and seamless experience in your kitchens, two different ranges of taps – Galileo & Flexi, are launched by the company. The new range ensures functionality with aesthetics and imparts a contemporary vibe to your culinary space.


Galileo range is a three-part design where ease of utility is taken into consideration and the inclined body is designed to avoid spilling water and enhance performance. The design by Fima Carlo Frattini is such that it fits perfectly with every sink unit. The core is the central mixer and the design of the handle and wider base give the product an elegant minimalistic look. The spout is positioned on the side of the core and can be adjusted according to comfortability and usage. The availability of variation in the inclination of the spout results in a better performance.


Flexi is a more sleek design segment with three different design variations further. The thin lever, slim body, and modern aesthetics improvise the whole design setting. One of the variations is designed with a  pull-down hand shower for easy 360-degree usage while the other is designed with inclined hand shower brackets. The hose is available in different finishes; black chrome, brushed nickel, black and white matte, brushed black chrome to name a few, which integrates with any kitchen interior. An added feature is the option in the type of spray you want amongst the aerator and spray type, based on your usage and flow of water required.

Fima Carlo Frattini

The company Fima Carlo Frattini is powered by solar energy, equipped with a zero galvanic system, and working towards more green and minimalistic pieces. Visit their website to discover a wider range of products they design and manufacture.

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