Swarovski’s newest creation to make your space shine

Swarovski has always been known for their amazing work with crystal. Whether it’s cutting edge building design or sparkling accessories you’ll be sure that stepping into a world of crystal will not disappoint your eyes. Sacmeh International recently introduced to the market the latest product from Swarovski Lighting, Emilea, an amazing light fixture.

The Emilea chandelier offers a classic and sophisticated look that integrates the beauty of traditional design with a modern touch. The arm structure has been cast from metal for a sturdy, durable light fixture that compliments both rustic and modern decorating styles alike.   This one-of-kind lighting set lends a luxurious feel. It wraps your room in a warm glow and instantly adds an air of elegance to any space!

Emilea features Clear Optic Crystals from Swarovski. The Clear Crystal gives off the impression of an artistic piece rather than just an ordinary chandelier. They come in a range of metallic finishes like White, Etruscan Gold, French Gold, Heirloom Bronze and Jet Black.

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