Surprising Facts About Onyx That Make It A Great Choice

Onyx is a semiprecious stone that has a fine grain and distinctive patterns, and comes in a wide range of colours, including yellow, brown, green, black, white, red and more. It is formed over millennia as layers of silica materials such as quartz and moganite deposit within the cavities of an igneous rock. 

If you are in the market for a valuable, decorative stone to complete your home decor, onyx is an excellent choice. 


 Onyx is a rare and exotic stone, available only in limited quantities. Because of this, it is much more expensive than other natural stones, such as marble or granite, which are widely available. Every slab is unique in its color and character, lending a unique look to the space. 

Onyx is soft and prone to cracking, so it should be used selectively in low-traffic areas or in spaces that are not subjected to rough use.The larger slabs of onyx are toughened with a mesh, resin or fibreglass backing, which gives them adequate strength. 


The treads of the steps are clad in onyx, which is a translucent stone that transmits light when lighted from behind. A display made from onyx can also be installed in a conventional manner without backlighting. 

The backlit onyx in this example creates a stunning backdrop, adding a graceful depth to the design. The inherent patterns of onyx reflect light, adding a graceful depth to this space. 

A dim, ambient light is emitted from LED strip lights installed behind translucent onyx. The onyx’s veins are revealed in all their beauty, while the marble countertop is illuminated as well. 


Onyx is a versatile stone that can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces in many ways, including as countertops, floors, backsplashes, and to create sinks, lamps, and sculptures. Tiles, mosaics, and slabs of onyx are available; even the smallest item will add value to a space.

Onyx, a beautiful stone mosaic often used for tile, is unsuitable for kitchen countertops because acidic food ingredients such as vinegar or lemon juice can cause it to stain. Also, because it is soft, cutting on it can scratch the countertop. 

Onyx can be used in conjunction with dark wood, steel, and glass. It also looks great as a highlighter or accent feature in entrance lobbies, living rooms, bathrooms, etc. Onyx comes in many colours and patterns. Some varieties include honey onyx, green onyx, white crystal onyx and white tiger onyx. Onyx can be used to enhance a room or a workplace.  


Maintenance instructions:

Onyx is a fragile stone that requires care and maintenance to retain its natural beauty. Always use mild soaps to clean it. Never use acid-based cleansers, as they might corrode and etch the surface. Scrub the surface with a soft brush, then wipe with a clean dry cloth followed by another dry wipe. It is recommended to reseal the stone surface every year. 

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