Suman Roddam at Bamboopecker

Designs that bridge the gap between sustainable traditional crafts and the urban populace is quite rare. Meet Suman Roddam – Director at @Bamboopecker and a proud member of Bamboo society of India, Maharashtra Bamboo Board. His aim is to ensure that each design they offer has a utilitarian value and an aesthetic that is current. The team wishes to reorient the traditional skills and crafts to the modern context, such that they are not confined to craft fairs alone.

????Product Design Inspiration

Traditionally, furniture made of bamboo is bulky and heavy and he aims to change the bigger picture here. By drawing inspiration from Scandinavian furniture designs, his team designs a line of furniture with slender, sleek and minimal forms with sustainable materials.

????Exclusivity of your product designed

The cornerstone principle to our exclusivity is combining different materials and craft into one product, incorporating an indigenous bending techinique on bamboo without altering the strength and customizing it for a client as per the requirements. We use sustainable natural fibers available in India, such as bamboo, rattan, sabai grass, kouna grass, palm leaf and screwpine.

Suman Roddam at Bamboopecker

????Favourite Project

It is a unique product designed in collaboration with an artisan from Maring tribe of Manipur. The artisan is a master in making a basket called Pang in the local dialect and by incorporating a few more techniques we were able to extrapolate on the traditional Pang design to make a beautifully crafted woven coffee table.

Suman Roddam at Bamboopecker

????Burning Desire

Eventually, to be a brand in India providing a complete range of lifestyle products with only natural and sustainable material – personal care, fashion, kitchenware, tableware, cookware, furniture, decor, lighting, home and garden, eco-construction, and art installations.

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