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Sukoon: Blend of South Indian Charm and Scandinavian Elegance

Sukoon is a quiet retreat situated in the bustling metropolis of Noida. Here, the rhythm of South Indian history blends with the minimalist beauty of Scandinavian architecture, resulting in a house that exudes calm and serenity. Sukoon, designed by the renowned Ar. Nishtha Duggal and Ar. Rohan Gera of The Concreate Story, is more than just a home; it’s a harmonic combination of its residents’ various origins, expressing their distinct but complementary identities.

Minimalist, Scandinavian Architecture
The living space is warm, with a mix of modern and traditional elements
Marble Flooring, Scandinavian
Step inside the living area with a prominent wooden pillar serving as a stylish focal point

Ram, from the busy city of Hyderabad, and Garima, a native of North India, thought of a home that reflected their cultural backgrounds while also offering a peaceful escape from city life. Sukoon, with its rustic charm and contemporary simplicity, is the ideal representation of their desire. The property has naturally plastered walls that add vitality to the area, as well as strategically placed mirrors that prolong the interiors while adhering to Vastu principles and improving the flow of good energy.

Wooden, Natural Finishes
Dining space with the classic elegance of a wooden material

The living area has a comfortable couch, a coffee table, and a floor light that adds elegance. A solid wooden pillar shares space with the living room, merging tradition and contemporary and emphasizing the design balance in this welcoming space.

A comfortable sofa, a sophisticated center table, and a rug bring the space together

A wood headboard will make the bedroom seem comfortable and appealing, adding the right finishing touch to a minimalist design. This emphasizes the space’s calm mood, making it ideal for rest.

A wood headboard makes the bedroom appealing
comfort & cozy bedroom
Experience sophistication and comfort in this minimalistic bedroom

The kitchen is built with both functionality and elegance in mind. The cupboards and shelving provide enough storage for all needs, keeping the area tidy and clutter-free and ensuring that everything is easily accessible while preserving a clean, minimalist appearance.

traditional pattern flooring
The Kitchen provides ample storage for cooking essentials

This space, located on the 19th floor, provides breathtaking views of the hectic metropolis below, resulting in a peaceful contrast of urban and regional beauty. The cleverly constructed arrangement provides both leisure and amusement.

minimalistic bedroom
The tones of white and blue convey a sense of calmness in the bedroom

Sukoon’s core is embedded in its simplicity. The interiors are defined by clean lines and minimalistic décor, as well as breathable materials that contribute to the home’s serene vibe. Every element is deliberately constructed to convey serenity and relaxation, giving Sukoon a sense of calm amidst the city’s chaos.

This 3 BHK home exemplifies how smart design can span multiple cultural identities and styles, resulting in an environment that is both unique and widely attractive. Sukoon combines the beauty of Scandinavia with the warmth of South India, creating a melody of calm and comfort in the heart of Noida.


Name of the project: Sukoon

Location of the project: Noida

Built area (square footage): 2600 sq ft

Years in which it was set up: 2023

Architects/Designers: Ar Rohan Gera, Ar Nishtha Duggal

Design team: Interior designer Nupur

Photography: Palak Mittal Productions


Tiles: Bharat Flooring

Dining Table: Modern Dtale

Other Furniture: The Concrete Story

Wallpapers: Nilaya

Bedlinen: Aplito Homes

Written by Isha Chaudhary

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