The essence of designing a coworking space.

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If you keep in mind the simple principle of prioritizing ‘Purpose’ over any other parameter, no matter how important, you may end up finding the answers to some of the most profound questions, quite easily. Similarly when it comes to designing anything, an old yet a deep rooted principle sets everything into perspective, ‘Form follows function’! The purpose of the space defines the way it gets designed.

designing a coworking space

When designing a coworking space, which essentially is a workspace shared by an array of companies and industries, startups and freelancers, people from academia and media, it is imperative to address the sole purpose that these entities wish to fulfill. While attractive features like short leases, low capital expenditures, reduced overhead costs, zero maintenance, are the most enticing and practical benefits, design offers hidden advantages. .

Flexibility and Customizability

designing a coworking space

The need today is to see how design supports work in all its varied forms. Keeping flexibility and customizability in the DNA of the workspace design allows for your members to work the way they want and have access to more workspace layouts than usual.  The ultimate goal of any employer is the growth of their business while maintaining high employee morale. The way you design the coworking space allows employees to have access to collaborative areas or opt for a quiet space to focus and get stuff done or be amongst the hustle and bustle that inspires ideas and collaboration! A good sense of autonomy gives the team more effective working habits that drive productivity.

designing a coworking space

Providing a variety of options that include flexible desks to private offices to custom built workspaces catering specifically to your business and team requirements allows companies to make informed decisions. Scale up or down, choose an open plan or a differentiated one with cabins and break out spaces can be choices that companies can make relatively easily.

designing a coworking space
designing a coworking space

Access to various configurations of meeting rooms to hold a brainstorming session or the next board meeting, access to library space, breakout areas or events spaces to curate your next memorable moment, make your coworking design a one stop solution to all their needs!

Designing for Experience and Engagement

A space has the power to influence how people feel. To enable that we must imagine the journey of a user. The first checkbox to check is ample natural light, lots of plants and an engaging positive work environment to set the mood right!

designing a coworking space

The second are amenities like comfortable and ergonomic furniture, the best cup of gourmet coffee, perfect internet connectivity, premium technical infrastructure, access to a variety of healthy and affordable food options, travel solutions etc. is what makes it or breaks it when it comes to an ideal workspace experience.

designing a coworking space

But what takes it to the next level is when your workspace design subtly tells a story! By using the right textures, color tones, furniture, lighting and upholstery you can transform the space into something that offers an element of surprise everytime you turn a corner! 

Being part of a larger purpose!

Here is where it gets absolutely interesting! When it comes to designing a coworking space it isn’t just about the space and the amenities but also about how you choose to influence workplace culture, create awareness about things that are important and impact the future of work. By designing engagement activities that inspire empathy, raise awareness about having an inclusive and diverse workplace or help your community upskill themselves, you can choose to offer a holistic experience that helps alleviate the employee experience.

designing a coworking space

By including operational processes that help reduce waste by recycling and waste segregation, reduce use of plastic like having glass bottles instead of plastic ones or conserve water and energy; you have the power to subtly influence what your community believes and practices!

designing a coworking space

Design has the potential to not only inspire change but also provide a platform to build a community woven together by the larger purpose of defining the future of work.

Written by Guncha Khare

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