Everyday Table Setting Ideas by A Square Designs

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The dining table is an empty canvas that should inspire us to get creative, to add colour and a new flavour to our lives every day. It is where we spend some special family time and make impromptu memories to savour all our lives. So, it makes sense to set the table with some fresh ideas. Everyday table setting doesn’t have to be a mundane and mechanical chore. At the same time, styling a table top doesn’t have to be a laborious and time-consuming task. With some quick and easily adaptable ideas, you can set the stage for cherished moments with your family every single day.

Everyday Table Setting Ideas

Statement accent pieces: Every family has a collection of their favourite accent pieces.Put them to good use to instantly impart a rich character to your table setting. On special occasions, you can go for slightly exaggerated options by adding scaled up or opulent accent pieces for that extra pizzazz.

Everyday Table Setting Ideas

Vibrant flowers: With their colours and fragrances, flowers add a burst of freshness to the table. Read up a bit on how to take care of different kinds of flowers so that they remain fresh immersed in- water. Play around with the vases for a little more of fun.

Everyday Table Setting Ideas

Colourful fruit basket: Decorating with fruits can’t be difficult. With their varied colours and shapes, fresh fruits are a sight for the sore eye. Place them in an attractive bowl or a basket ­– a   tiered stand or a crystal or silver bowl, or simply a charming wicker basket, and you are done.

Everyday Table Setting Ideas

Candles and T-light holders: Why wait for special occasions, when you can instantly brighten up the dining table with a diverse range of candles and T-light holders? They allow you to add a mellow mood to your evening.

A show-stopper centrepiece: It could be an antique piece or a modern sculpture, a large tray or a collection of spires, if it has the show-stopping potential, simply place it strategically on the table. Once in a while, go for a sculpture with a bit of quirk factor to lighten up things.

Everyday Table Setting Ideas

Table runners: If you keep a few patterns and colours handy to suit the mood of the day, these can be ready accessories to spruce up the table. On festive occasions, you could go for exclusive silk, organza, embroidered or sequined table runners. If you want to get a little more creative, try out a unique idea – a runner woven using Rajanigandha flowers, like we did for our Diwali setting.

Pretty potted plants: Freshness, vitality andnatural energy – plants bring all of that and more. A beautiful potted plant can be as much a showstopper as any expensive curio. If you can bring in a flowering plant on your table, it’s spring every day.

Everyday Table Setting Ideas

Decorative cutlery holders: Everyday utility articles like cutlery holders are available in fun and creative designs. Keep a collection of them and rotate them every now and then to add a chic note to the table.

Crystal ware: You may think your precious crystal ware collection deserves a special occasion, but take it out on an ordinary day, and see how special it makes you feel. Every day dining doesn’t have to be bereft of such surprise, opulent elements.

Dried twigs arrangement: For a brown, autumnal vibe, put together a centrepiece using dried twigs, leaves and flowers. Paint a few of the components and pine cones in white, and you have a wintery, Christmassy look.

Everyday Table Setting Ideas

Serving dishes: Presenting food in dishes and platters of various heights and sizes adds a visual interest to the table. A clever mix of materials and colours also goes a long way in creating an impressive look.   

Cake stands and cookie jars: We all have a collection of charming cake stands and cookie jars of different styles and makes. Use them to decorate the table – you can also serve cut fruits, desserts or salads on the cake stand.

With such delightful ideas, who says, everyday table setting is a task?

Written by Ajay Arya

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