Best indoor plants for a positive household

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Plants energize our surroundings, add aesthetic appeal indoors, attracting peace, tranquility and well-being. They help detoxify the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide, removing negativity and as per Vastu plants should be chosen with care and placed in the right direction, to ensure they channel positivity and well-being to the residents of the home.  Since Vastu dosha can ruin the peace and harmony we here suggest tips for increasing positivity indoors.

Best indoor plants for a positive household

Tulsi plant:  The Holy Basil plant, commonly known as Tulsi, is believed to be a goddess and the queen of herbs. This sacred and auspicious plant should be planted in the North, East or North-east direction, and it emits strong spiritual energy, positivity, thereby considered pure and auspicious, according to Vastu. Tulsi also helps in detoxification of the body and contributes in removing the toxins from our blood. Having a Tulsi is like having a God residing in the home. People usually place Tulsi in their verandahs and open halls, or indoors.

Best indoor plants for a positive household

Bamboo plant:  A bamboo plant with 10 stalks will usher in luck, health, joy, happiness, prosperity and peace along with protecting the residents against evil. According to Vastu, lucky bamboo is also known as Dracaena braunii and represents wood and the fire; denoted by the red ribbon tied to the stalk. Wood and fire offer the perfect balance no matter where the plant is placed. The bamboo should be placed in the east if you want to benefit from its health aspects, in the southeast to help you gain prosperity as that is the direction of money and wealth.  Gift your loved ones bamboo plants for fame and wealth.

Best indoor plants for a positive household

Money plants: These are also known to bring wealth, abundance, prosperity and luck; and must be planted in the South-East direction of the living room or hall home, according to Vastu Shastra to work their magic. The South-East direction, according to Vastu is owned by Lord Ganesha who removes bad luck and brings wealth and prosperity. Having a money plant in South-East direction is the perfect solution.

Best indoor plants for a positive household

Neem Tree: The neem is known as the best healer, with its leaves used to cure bruises, cuts, burns since ancient times. Neem plants inside the home brings positively and a healthy environment and must be placed in the North-West corner according to Vastu. Place the neem near an open window because it is said that the air flowing through the neem leaves brings good health.

Best indoor plants for a positive household

Citrus Plant: Citrus (Citrus medica), also known as the Buddha’s hand is lucky to be kept in the home as it is known to bring good luck and happiness. According to Vastu, a citrus plant indoors helps in adding a refreshing aroma when its blooming with fruits and flowers along with a happy atmosphere.

Best indoor plants for a positive household

Aloe Vera: Attracts positive energy and a healer as it has anti-inflammatory properties curing burns, inflammation, skin irritation and even curing digestive problems and constipation. It also absorbs carbon dioxide and emits oxygen, thus purifying the air, removing harmful chemicals, reducing anxiety and giving you a fresh non-toxic environment for breathing. These can be made into a refreshing drink or as a face pack. According to Vastu, aloe vera plant can be kept in the North or East direction.

Best indoor plants for a positive household

Banana Tree:  Banana tree is considered holy, the tender saplings of banana tree are used for decorations festivals as symbols of prosperity and wealth; its name is associated with Lord Vishnu and it is worshipped on Thursdays and it is believed to bring good health, as almost every part of the plant has economic or medicinal use. According to Vastu, the banana tree must be kept in the north-east direction of the house to get receive blessings of Lord Vishnu.

Best indoor plants for a positive household

Lily Plant: According to Vastu, this fragrant plant is an epitome of love, harmony, and peace. Keep it in the bedroom to improve sleeping schedules, reduce insomnia and keep nightmares at bay.

Best indoor plants for a positive household

Snake Plant:  According to Vastu, a snake plant is the beacon of good health and positive vibes as it removes major toxins which are responsible for sick building syndrome.  The snake plant helps by absorbing the harmful radiation from mobile phones and TVs, thereby creating a stress-less and breathable environment by keeping it on a computer table for maximum benefits.

Best indoor plants for a positive household

Lavender Plant: Is famous for its relaxing aura and fragrance, promoting inner peace which helps in creating a stress-free house. It thus promotes harmony in love and romance so is a good choice for bedroom. Plus according to Vastu, it attracts positive energy and soothes frayed nerves after a long day at work.

Directions for Indoor Plants

As per Vastu, these plants must be in the South-Western area of the house but while placing the plants ensure that large plants and bushy trees be placed outdoors, as these attract worms, owls and serpents. Plants placed in the East or North-East direction must be a maximum of 3 feet. Immediately remove cactus and other thorny plants, with the exception of roses from the house as they bring in negative energy. Also do not keep bonsai versions of peepal trees, sacred fig trees (Ficus religiosa) or the Banyan tree (Ficus benghalensis) within the boundaries of the home; but near places of worship, such as temples due to their interrelation with ancient aspects that go beyond science. Rotting or decaying leaves should be removed as they represent death and attract negativity.

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Written by Team TDJI

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