8 Stunning window design for Home

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Windows are the most alluring feature of the house as they contribute to the aesthetic both inside and outside. Since ages they have been used as decorative elements that enhance the space as well as act as a working feature that works for the ventilation within the space. People opt it mostly for ventilation purposes but over the years it has been serving as a key element. Your mood board to designated space styling, windows play a major role in the setting your aesthetics at bay.

  1. French Window 
8 Stunning window design for Home
Image Courtesy : Pinterest

Long or short, French windows have always won our hearts through its design and aesthetics. Add a full french window to your balcony. The window can be louvred or may have panes which can be customised as per your choice and privacy concern. Well if you are the one living in the tropical climate then a french louvred window is the best investment as it enhances the ventilation.

  1. Sliding Window
8 Stunning window design for Home
Image Courtesy : istockphos

With the advancement of technology and modern yet minimal designs, the surge of sliding glass windows became a trendsetter globally. Add it to your balcony doorway or the terrace or courtyard. It suits well in each of the spaces, acquiring minimal space with an easy comfort. 

  1. Pivot Window
8 Stunning window design for Home
Image Courtesy : Denizen

Add those pivots to your fixed glass niches. Pivot helps to maintain the cross ventilation as well as helps to give a fixed glass look when closed completely one can use pivot window in any kind of space that needs to have a fixed glass look but should have necessary ventilation as well.

  1. Louvered Window
8 Stunning window design for Home
Image Courtesy : Behance

A louvred is a great source of ventilation even when closed and this makes it apt for tropical weather. The niches created due to the louvred effect allows ventilation and also gives an aesthetic appeal. These windows can be in metallic finish or pop colours. They go well with any theme one wants to create for their space, leaving an elegant effect on the space!

  1. Decorative Glass Window
8 Stunning window design for Home
Image Courtesy : Pinterest

Well those  were the days when Kings used decorative glass to give a colourful effect to their huge palaces. Grown with influence of royalty this window is surely going to add charisma to your space with the stunning colours of the glass arranged in a pane to make the window look interesting.

  1. Skylight
8 Stunning window design for Home
Image Courtesy : Velux Skylight

Want to glaze stars at the comfort of your bedroom? Make these skylight windows your best friend and they will surely give you some surreal sky views that you can sit next to for an eternity. These windows are mostly done in fixed glass to avoid leakage issues and other issues. With modern technology you can opt to have it hinge and open it as per your convenience which will bring you some amazing views in your comfort zone.

  1. Bay Window
8 Stunning window design for Home
Image Courtesy : Window Fits

Bay windows are both functional as well as interesting from an aesthetic point of view. However the term Bay windows describe windows grouped together to extend from the house. On the inner side they create a bay or known as a shelf, which gives a separate space to stand and enjoy the view out. 

  1. Casement Window
8 Stunning window design for Home
Image Courtesy : Laila Malpani Designs

Casement windows are one of the classiest windows one has ever known! They are also known as crank windows because of the method they are used to open. Swinging from a hinge, just like any door the strong seal around the window makes it weathertight and the swing feature helps a great airflow throughout the space.

Written by Drashti Patel

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