Stunning Hypnotic Bridge Takes Shape In Changsha, China

A bridge, by definition, is a structure that is built to overcome the physical barrier of an obstacle. The most ancient bridges were made by nature and were simply logs that fell across rivers or streams. However, today’s bridges are very different as they are architectural masterpieces.


The modern day bridges are designed to overcome all structural barriers and are standing as an example of architectural marvels.  

The future of bridge design is already with us. Sinuous suspension bridges give way to new arched bridges. Architects from the NEXT Design Group have designed a stunning, hypnotic bridge in Changsha, China. A footbridge will connect the two districts of the Dragon King Harbor River development.

Inspired by the Möbius ring, a non-orientable surface in mathematics, and Chinese knots, a decorative Chinese folk art used to bind ceremonial objects, the structure featuring intersecting connections at 9 LONG is both functional and beautiful.


The design is an example of what is called an “arch bridge,” which could be made to fit any site by incorporating a pylon into the structure

The Three-way interchange has three lanes swirling into each other and is higher in the middle than at either side, allowing pedestrians a choice of different routes across the Dragon King Harbour River. 

This bridge draws inspiration from the concept of Mobius ring and a Chinese knot.


A Mobius strip is a geometric surface with only one side, so it was used to create the continuous surface of the bridge. There are three areas where people can walk comfortably across the bridge, while looking at the river. The first and third paths are connected by an incline, which allows people to move from one path to another. 

The second path is elevated above both others, creating an interesting view for visitors walking through this area.

The bridge connects multiple levels, the river banks, the road, and a park, all at different heights.  It literally and metaphorically knots all of these routes together. 

 The Lucky Knot Bridge is the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world, measuring 285 meters in length and 22 meters in height. Its lighting contributes to the overall illumination along the river and forms a spectacular backdrop to the surrounding mountains.

The Changsha Bridge in China has a distinctive appearance and is intended to develop an identity for the city.

Photo Credits: Archdaily

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