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Santos Pousada – An Apartment Designed by Arménio Losa and Cassiano Barbosa

Santos Pousada Apartment is located on the top floor of an apartment building, designed by Portuguese mid-century architects Arménio Losa and Cassiano Barbosa that was first built in 1956. The final level was originally designed to be a semi-public exterior area, but during its original construction it was adapted into two symmetrical apartments.

Architecture Office: Hinterland Architecture Studio

Concrete structural elements and the size of the windows are two of the most significant formal elements that have been incorporated into the apartment’s design. The concrete structural elements are part of this because they serve to show that the apartment has been completely modernized. Further, the size of the windows also represents a very significant formal element in that they account for 55% of face area. Similarly, these design changes regarding both the concrete structural elements and the size of the windows are meant to make it clear that this apartment can be more comfortable and energy efficient without compromising its mid-century original style.

The project sought to improve the living conditions of a family of three. The aim was for an increased amount of open space while at the same time improving the structure of the apartment. This was done by demolishing parts of the interior walls to create an open-plan effect. In this main area, there is now a more spacious living room, dining room, library and office.

The dark tone of the trees in the backyard balances the natural luminosity provided by the big windows. The texture of the wood on the ceiling brings to an end the 65-year-old rental unit vibe and inserts on the space a permanent home character.

Fact Sheet: 

Project nameSantos Pousada Apartment 

Architecture OfficeHinterland Architecture Studio

Main ArchitectFilipa Figueira e Tiago Vieira 

Architectural photographerIvo Tavares Studio 

Written by Team TDJI

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