Role Of Art In Interiors

Art is an intrinsic part of decor. In a home or office or any commercial or private space, art works at two levels.First, it adds aesthetic quality to the walls and makes them look brighter, more colourful and richer. Secondly, it uplifts the mood of the room. It makes the walls come alive and adds character to the living space.

Shruti Vij

As a designer and visual artist, I believe that the energy spread in the space is tremendous. Having artwork up on our walls has benefits such as: lowering our stress levels, promoting critical thinking, supporting local artists, amongst many others. Consequently, the art lovers, admire it and always needs to be surrounded by it.

Just as you choose your furniture and furnishings, in the same way you choose your artworks. Pay attention to what you put on your walls. We have the choice to paint our walls in a plethora of colours and give them textured finishes too but hanging an artwork on the walls is a completely different ballgame. The choice of an artwork is always more thought out and planned. Every artwork tells a story, and this story should uplift the mood of the room.

Shruti Vij

It is a trend today, and art is connected with interior design through aesthetic and emotions that it communicates. Nowadays interior designers and interior experts, develop their spaces, basing their project on a piece of artwork, implementing their chromatic pallet, their fabrics and decorative details, in a painting essence,a sculpture or other plasticity.

Shruti Vij

Artworks on walls can be in a contrasting colour or be a continuation of the wall by using the same colour backdrop, depending on what goes well in those surroundings. This should enhance the quality and value of your textured walls or walls painted in different colours are a welcome addition.

Choose the art that suits your personality, art adds a whole new dimension to living areas. Use art cleverly to give your walls a whole new dimension. It has the quality to transform a space completely and add a whole new character to it. 

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